dvsn concert review

Terminal 5 holds a special place in my life. I saw Young Thug for the second time there this past summer and that venue is lit. The perfect space, multiple floors that really give you a feeling of being close to the performer. That’s why the dvsn concert last Wednesday was incredible. The OVO duo released their second studio album Morning After this past October and showed the world that they could take the lusty vibes from their debut album SEPT 5th to an entirely new level.

With various visuals from their foreign film-inspired Morning After trailers and a colorful array of lights, Daniel Daley and Nineteen 85 gave us some of their biggest hits in “Too Deep,” “With Me,” “Hallucinations,” and “The Line” while performing the ENTIRETY of Morning After. Despite their discography being primarily slow and bedroom music, Daley brought a lot of energy and passion to the stage. And the crowd brought the energy too, belting loudly to every song and Daley fed off those vibes while interacting with the crowd. He even came out to the people at one point, but his vocals never faltered. It was amazing to see Daley sing nearly every song in their discography, which is featureless. He barely took breaks and appeared to only get more into it as time went on.

Two standout aspects for me were Daley’s covers of popular R&B songs and the background singers. Daley perfectly transitioned from dvsn’s original songs to hits like “So Anxious” by Ginuwine, “U Got It Bad” by Usher, and “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. Daley even stepped back from the microphone and switched places with supporting vocalist Shantel May, who covered Beyoncé’s “1+1” followed up by her own song “Back n Forth” which just released on Apple Music and other streaming platforms. The trio of background singers backed up Daley perfectly, and each had their own moment to shine in a show that was vocally one of the strongest I’ve ever seen.

I still think there are some people who just don’t know who dvsn is yet, which is sad because that duo is the cream of the crop in R&B right now. But it was pleasing to see so many people sing along to their stuff as well as how dvsn fed off the crowd’s energy with an awesomely arranged setlist. The ending of “Conversations in a Diner,” “Body Smile,” and “The Line” is still giving me chills. I’ll be seeing them again. I have to.