Fetti Fitness Interview

Fetti Fitness Interview

NYC trainer Fetti tells us how Hip-Hop, mental health and physical fitness can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Fetti Fitness Interview

NYC trainer Fetti tells us how Hip-Hop, mental health and physical fitness can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness is not an easy thing to commit to, but it can be simplified when we find ways to make it prevalent in various aspects of our lives. Finding ways to connect fitness to music, mental health, and competition is how New York fitness guru and my Alpha Phi Alpha Brother “Fetti” motivates himself and those around him. I had the opportunity to connect with him to talk about his training program, how it began, what inspires him, and what he hopes to accomplish. It is awesome seeing someone use their platform to advocate for both physical and mental health. Check out the interview below, tune in to Part 1 of the “Fetti Fitness Documentary” on YouTube, and enjoy his first playlist, all while making these gains. Also, follow his Instagram {@_fettifitness} and direct message to inquire about the training programs.

Tell us a bit about your background.

My name is Edmund Timmons III, and I am originally from the South Bronx. I am the oldest of my siblings by way of my father, and an only child with my mother. I grew up on Webster Avenue, which is an area that has predominantly African American and Latino men and women living there. Growing up I was always very social, and loved athletics. I boxed primarily, and loved football and basketball. I was very involved in my academics, and excelled at an early age. I consider myself a tenacious competitor, intellectual socialite, and modern-day theorist. I always have a theory to support my rationale, and some form of an analogy or metaphor to describe any event or idea I possess. Leisurely, I love to read for financial literacy and dependency. I also love to read books that manifest stratagems, and how to utilize them in a everyday platform.

Talk a bit about your feelings on physical health, mental health, and how they intersect.

When it comes to physical and mental health, I honestly think they work in conjunction with one another. I feel as though one is heavily dependent on the other, and that in the absence of one your body doesn't work properly. Physical health to me is clear as day; meaning how your physique looks and is sculpted. A lot of the time I feel that physical health incorporates aesthetics, as well as ability to perform. If you are conditioned and can run, lift, and stretch then you’re physically fit. Physically fit in my opinion is also the ability to carry out your everyday goals without experiencing enhanced pain. Mental health I would define as having cognitive wealth and mental fortitude. A person who possesses good mental health is one who doesn't experience loss of memory, impaired thoughts, and can convey themselves in a precise manner. They intersect because without a clear thought process, you are unable to work on your physical health and how you look. The brain is the most complex organ of the body, and without it you can not work towards your physical fitness.

What have your experiences been with fitness up to this point?

My experience with fitness has definitely one with a positive connotation. In my adolescent years I played sports, and had gym first period throughout H.S. so I always deemed myself "physically fit." I boxed, played basketball and football which all have their own robust workout regimen and demanding schedules. I feel as though fitness was always a part of my ideology as a complete man, especially with the fact that I liked to take my shirt off.

What do you enjoy most about working out?

The factor I enjoy most about working out is the results that come with effort. A lot of people fail to realize that this is a marathon, not just a quick race. I also enjoy the fact that I can constantly challenge myself and compete. As I mentioned earlier, I am a tenacious competitor and will take the opportunity to compete in anything I see desirable.

Have you ever worked with a professional trainer?

Yes, I have had the opportunity to work with professional boxers in the boxing gym, as well as fitness trainers in a regular fitness gym.

Tell us what “Fetti Fitness” is, how you came up with it, when you came up with it, and what it means to you.

Fetti Fitness derives directly from my nickname, "Fetti," and I added the fitness component of course to compliment what I am doing. I came up with this about three months ago, around early spring. Entering the new year, I decided to devote my time and energy to becoming completely fit again. I did it, and the results were noticed widely by my peers. My frat brother had actually been pushing for me to create a Instagram page and get the word out to the public. I did not feel as if it was necessary, but he said that my performance and overall drive warranted other people’s attention. “Fetti Fitness” means a black owned business, that started from a individual who truly cares about health. It stands for more than just your average fitness page, and does not possess facetious content. I want people to understand the growth, and also the hurdles that we all face. I like how organic it is, and how I am always charging myself to come up with new challenges to help people reach their goals.

What is unique about your fitness program? In other words, how does yours stand out from other programs? I’ve seen things like #Mr.CheckIn, #NotATrainerButIWillTrainYou, so go a little more in depth with those.

My fitness program stands out because the regimen was specifically manifested by the regimen I personally follow. I didn't just add a bunch of different workouts together and call it a fitness plan. I also utilized the ideology that people do not just want one overall plan. I felt that they should have the opportunity to pick between both a leaning plan, and a mass gaining plan. The #Mr.Checkin is a handle I developed, because I take going to the gym as a job. So essentially I'm checking in. The hashtag #CheckIn with the green check emoji included in it was one of those theories that the #CheckIn is not only complete, but it is green like when your check comes in on a Friday. You have a sense of euphoria getting money, just like after a hard workout. Also the nickname Fetti is interpreted as money, so it makes sense.. #NotATrainerButIWillTrainYou is a hashtag that i developed to stray away from the novice #YourTrainersTrainer slogan and also used to show that I'm actually not a trainer but how I train I would have no problem training you.

What keeps you motivated to not only keep yourself fit, but to offer guidance to others?

Past documentaries such as "What The Health" and "Bartendaz on Youtube" have been some of the driving forces to keep me motivated with health. I enjoy going to the doctor at this early age and hearing that I don't have any complications. I want to live a long and happy life so I put my best effort into my health. Like they say, “Health is Wealth.” I also love the support of friends, family, and the overall self-mastery that I possess. My people willed me to continue to push, and lead by example. I am strong-willed and work towards my goals, and don't ever consider the idea of quitting even when fatigued. My guidance to others helps with accountability and I am genuinely happy to see one’s transformation, especially when I know that I played a vital part in their conquest to become healthy.

I caught wind of a playlist that may be coming soon. What inspired that? Are there specific artists whose fitness regimens you may like? Any specific songs that just get you hype to be fit?

I honestly would like to shout out the writer, my good brother Armon, for the playlist idea. The good brother really fueled my energy to go out and actually put all my music I listen to directly into one playlist. An artist who fitness regime I always respected was LL Cool J. He did it as part of his overall persona, but never let up and remained sturdy for 20+ years. I grew up thinking to myself, "I'm going to be just as fit as my guy LL." Songs that specifically get me hype to be fit usually have a high uptempo beat and always some form of serato and drums. I also enjoy rappers who have fast lyrical content and can walk on a track effortlessly. Meek Mill, Moneybagg Yo, XXXtentacion, TayK, Don Q , and G Herbo are a few artists I listen to constantly. I’m definitely willing to share the playlist with others who may be interested.

You’ve got the workout plans, diets, accountability measures and the music aspect. What is next for Fetti Fitness?

The next thing for me in my ever growing business is to do phone consultations and online coaching. I will be creating Fetti Fitness Apparel for people to purchase and sport. I also want to reach more into the female demographic, start working in conjunction with a female fitness guru, and feature her on the page. I want women to know that this isn't exclusively catered to the gents and that I am interested in their growth as well. I also will be dropping my short film on my YouTube channel that I recently created.

How can we subscribers help you?

My subscribers can help me by first subscribing to my Youtube Channel @FettiFitness. I would love for all my subscribers, if they have not already, to follow me on Instagram @_fettifitness. Fetti Fitness, more importantly, is a business, and I would love to help my subscribers and supporters reach their fitness goals. I would like for more people to take a look at the product which fits them best, whether that is the Leaning or Mass Gaining workout regimen. It includes foods to eat for approximately 30 days, and produces best results when followed to the core. It also includes tips that people should follow in their fitness conquest to greatness. I would absolutely enjoy it if my subscribers utilize the #CheckIn hashtag with the green check emoji and @ the @_fettifitness page when they are working out. I want people to show me their results and transformations and make referrals to other people who need the help. Most importantly, I want to see an improvement in health and to have the ability to say that someone genuinely enjoyed working with me or participating in one of my challenges.

What do you feel is the #1 thing that keeps people from staying consistent with their fitness regimens?

They have careers, and don't have somebody actively engaging in their health. MOST people need somebody that enforces or give them a rationale as to why they should stay consistent with their fitness regimens. Hence why I am offering phone consultations and online coaching to my subscribers who need that push. People are also afraid to sacrifice because they want immediate results as opposed to working consistently towards their goals.

What is the best piece of advice you can give for someone who is just starting out and wants it to be done the right way?

The best piece of advice I can give for someone who is just starting out and wants it to be done right away is to always work on your form. Set a goal and hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make. Don't quit and make sure to put your best foot forward. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.