For Everything I've Done - Interview with Nic Earley

I had the opportunity to catch up with Nic to talk about him as a person, his experience with music leading up to the EP, and some goals he has for his future.

For Everything I've Done - Interview with Nic Earley

I had the opportunity to catch up with Nic to talk about him as a person, his experience with music leading up to the EP, and some goals he has for his future.

A little over a month ago, singer-songwriter Nicolas Earley (IG: @nicearleymusic) released his debut EP ‘For Everything I’ve Done’ to fans on all streaming platforms. The 5-song EP, executive produced by Colby (IG: @thacolby) told a story of love done wrong, and his acknowledgement of how he could have gone about it better. Soulful vocals, smooth production, and an easily recognizable vulnerability made the EP’s listening experience truly unique in a time where a lot of music often sounds the same. While many artists look to fit in to catch a big break, Nic has taken his time with his work to ensure it stands out, but more importantly conveys the message he intends to.

It’s hard to highlight specific songs from the EP as “favorites” because they each are so unique, yet work so well together. He’s got Carribean vibes in “Loving In Lies,” Ryan Leslie-esque production and vocals on “Smokescreen,” and hypnotic crooning on “Guesstimate.” “Woulda Coulda” has an underwater feel to it, and is a successful attempt to the Trap R&B that is popular of today, but still with an old-school feel. Of course, the single “Lord Knows” is just an overall head-bopper, curating a good old two step you’d find your uncle doing at a family reunion.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Nic to talk about him as a person, his experience with music leading up to the EP, and some goals he has for his future. Check out the interview below, his website, and continue streaming ‘For Everything I’ve Done.’

Nicolas Earley. Singer, songwriter, NBCUniversal employee, basketball star, chef, barber. What is something you currently cannot do that you’d like to learn by the end of 2018?

I’m really interested in learning more about healthy lifestyles.

Aside from the recently released EP, what do you feel has been a defining moment for you on your journey in music?

It’s been such a short amount of time I feel like that I’ve been putting this all into perspective. I think I’ve received a few short-term wins, but I’m nowhere near satisfied. I’ll be happy to answer this question after I’m in a place that I can say I’ve accomplished more of my goals that I’ve set forth for myself.

Is there anywhere along this journey that you feel you could have done anything differently, or better?

I think it’s always important for artists to understand as much of the business as they can. In fact, I would suggest to attack learning the business concepts, industry history and marketing principles, just as hard as if you’re in the studio trying to figure out the melody or next lyric to a song. It’s not always fun to focus on the business stuff, but I think that’s something that I’ve been conscious of trying to devote more time to. I wish I was more aware of certain rules and industry practices before I released the project, but now I’m aware and I sense myself learning from that much quicker.

You’ve released some loose singles several years back, what does it mean for you to have this full project done and out?

Literally means everything. People have known that I do music, but it was always a question of whether or not I could deliver something to the people who have been supporting me up until this point in my life. It’s a validating first step. It’s like, “Ok, I do this music thing, and here’s what I have to show for it.” It’s great now to be able to direct newcomers and long-time supporters to a body of work in which they can learn more, listen and grow with me as I continue to develop my artist brand as a whole.

Are we going to get any additions to the EP after the release, like Kanye does with all his albums?

I haven’t planned any additions, but I suppose I wouldn’t mind the idea of a FEID 2? I don’t know, I just never contemplated the idea of adding an addendum to my project. So, to answer the question, most likely not.

Alright, so let’s talk about the EP. The title first. Break that down for us.

“For Everything I’ve Done” is a dualistic meaning. It expresses the moment where you lay your entire heart out on the table no matter whether it’s received good, bad or indifferent. It’s an ode to self-expression and the underappreciated sense of relief that comes with knowing that you shared everything you’ve felt. The other part is that, I’d been writing these songs when I was like 15, 16, 17, and been telling people that I’ve been working on my own music forever and really had nothing to share. This project is also quite literally some of the best songs that I’ve been working on.

Do you have a favorite song from the EP?

I feel like the favorite changes every week. I find myself listening to “Lord Knows” a lot now, but for a while, “Loving in Lies” was my hands-down favorite. Since then I feel like I play “Lord Knows” a lot, because it was the single and the song that I’ve spent the most time listening to, so maybe it’s my favorite. Catch me same time next week and it’ll probably be different.

If you could have one feature on this EP, who would you want and on what song? Why?

I think I would want to do a “Loving in Lies” remix with H.E.R. I feel like what we would come up with would be incredible. I really would love to work with her (no pun intended) in the future. I’ve been listening to her a lot lately after seeing her live at AfroPunk 2018 in Brooklyn. I think her vibe and singing style would be perfect, and add a new dimension to the song.

“Loving In Lies” and “Smokescreen” at separate points got the star designation from Apple Music, indicating they were the most streamed and arguably the most popular among listeners. Are you at all surprised by this?

In the most humble way possible, I wasn’t surprised that these were favorites from the project, because when I would focus group the songs, they always got positive reactions from people. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the star designation. I’ve looked it up before to see what it meant, but I was surprised that this project garnered enough streams to have that designation. I’m very thankful for that!

What’s next for you, music-wise?

I’m always writing, but I’m more so focused on trying to get some shows booked so that I can share the music in a live setting. I’m really excited about that!

If you had to pick one show to use any song on their soundtrack, what show and what song would you want used? Might as well describe the ideal scene your song would play in as well.

I would love to get a placement on Insecure. I think the show has a great following, and is a place where people pay attention to the new music that is played on it, and I think it could showcase “Lord Knows” really well. I imagine the scene being some sort of opening sequence where someone is riding in the car and listening to the track, either Daniel or Lawrence, bobbing their head as they’re going somewhere. Nothing too crazy, but a sequence where the song is highlighted and is the focal point.

What would you like to accomplish that will make you feel as though you’ve truly “made it”?

Honestly, I’m not motivated by “making it,” because that’s such an unquantifiable thing. I guess I have certain milestones that I want to hit. For example, one day I want to pack out a show and turn the mic to the crowd and hear them sing the entire chorus of one of my songs. In addition, I would love to have all of the awards and everything, but I think that should be a by product of me executing and delivering the best music I can. I would love to hear that one of my songs helped someone through a tough time or changed their mindset on something for the better. I want to contribute to healing people through music. That’ll really make me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Photos by @jennellegordon