Interview with LeFemme Boué

Interview with LeFemme Boué

A talk with LeFemme Boué

Interview with LeFemme Boué

A talk with LeFemme Boué

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What’s your name? And where did you get the name “LeFemme Boué” from? How is it pronounced? And what does it mean?

“My name is Lefemme, and it's Lefemme in ya area! Boué [is pronounced] like a water buoy, actually. It means ‘look for the woman’ in French! I changed the spelling to fit my framework and to most it means ‘lady Boué’, because I am the lady. The name originated from Lafemme Nikita… most people don't know who she is, but she was an assassin. She was very skilled and well-rounded, and as I began to come into my full self, this resonated with me.

How did you stumble upon/know about Lafemme Nikita? Did anything else about her inspire you in addition to her skills and well-roundedness as an assassin?

“I literally just got off a call answering that same question! Perfectly timing if I do say so myself. I had heard of Nikita from my uncle, when I was younger. He would always reference her and I. I, for a while, had no clear understanding of it until I went and did my research. And lo and behold I had an epiphany. I was Lefemme! And had been all along. So yes, other things did inspire me on many levels. The way she preps and watches every detail is absolutely insane, that is kind of how I approach anything I touch. I have a very clear idea of what I'm doing, I plan, then execute. It was total alignment. And I'm from the hood, so that's how you get your nickname. You can't make it up yourself haha.”

Where are you from/where have you lived and what places have inspired you most in your music?

“I am originally from Miami, born and raised on the westside, where it was always crazy! However, now I travel all over the world and just recently made a decision to stick my flag in the ground in Los Angeles after being there almost twelve years. I love travelling and have been blessed enough to have a career that allows me to do so. I must say with everywhere I've been, my top two places in the world are Tokyo and Telluride -- both I hold dear to my heart and have definitely influenced the tunes. Telluride had such an impact on me I had to name my EP Dazed In Telluride, because I left with such a haze over my eyes. The people there are beautiful and have not a worry in the world… that in itself was so inspiring to me. Sometimes we can take ourselves and this life a little too serious.”

After your time in Telluride, did you make any personal changes to not take things as seriously? If so, what things did you view differently and what have you done to help you do that?

“Well, let me start off by saying being approached at gunpoint -- M16s if I might add -- is the part I will not ever forget! But that's a whole other road. I'll save it for the next one, but I did make a personal change. One thing I understood [while] leaving was that the world was big, and it was big in the United States. I don't think I had ever thought that way. I was what I thought was... very well-traveled, then, boom! For once, I actually have a place in the country I absolutely love to be! I look forward to making my way up every year, especially after meeting the Mayor! Much love to Oprah. She totally gets it and spends time there as well. It's definitely a thing and I'm glad I took the leap of faith!”

Who are your role models and people that inspire your music?

“My role models are people like my mom and my godkids...they have such a simple outlook on things, especially when I'm overthinking it. That has a way of shifting my paradigm real-time, and of course in the actual arena there are guys like 2 Chainz, who I look at…[they] work so hard but make it look so easy. Will Packard said Kevin Hart was one of the hardest working guys he had came across, and that was inspiring, especially being around Kevin when I was younger listening to guys like him Jamie Foxx and Johnny Mack tell jokes! It showed you anything was possible with hard work and [that] gave me all the incentive I needed to build my own empire...I think that's what it's ultimately about.”

What are you doing right now to build your empire? And what does your empire, ideally, look like down the road?

“Right now it's 12:45 AM Eastern Standard Time and I'm still awake working! My morning starts at 6am and this is daily, so that's a snapshot of the infrastructure. In no time, I will have all my bricks laid, and it will be like nothing ever seen. I am so ready to release my collection for starters, but I have so many things to release before I get there! I'm actually designing a collection for the "Dazed In Telluride" rollout that I know people will love. My fashion is what some love, then others love my music, so either way I have so many unique experiences lined up, whether it’s partnerships, or just cool ideas that I feel the Lefeminist family will love. It's going to be an amazing ride.”

What is it like being an up-and coming artist in a genre that is heavily male-dominated? Does that intimidate you at all, or motivate you? Have you received any harsh criticism because of it?

“Well, being a female hip-hop artist has always been hard and that's nothing new at all, especially after being in and around the industry so long. It teaches you to roll with the punches and take the hits like the boys do, and I think women like Remy Ma show us that… being intimidated isn't even a part of the equation. In actuality, it's the best motivation you can be given and it's always real time! This part of the "Game" is actually what I love because the harder you work, you begin to understand sexuality is not what separates you, but hard work, and as a wise one told me, hard work pays off and beats talent any day.”

We love your taste in fashion. How do you maintain a uniqueness in what you where and how it contributes to your brand? Any secret behind it?

“Ahhhhhh that always makes me so proud! My fashion was something God gave me… for a while I had no clue I had it to be honest. Growing up in Miami, I was always dressed [well] and the streets knew, so I would dress me and my boys. I started out dancing and performing other artists’ records all around Florida, and would dress my group members -- which were all women, if I might add. [That] was the element that made me effortlessly unique, so I never worked to be different… and in knowing I did not have to do that, it allowed me to be who I truly was. Even in my styling career, any artist I worked with only wanted to work with me because I had a certain je ne sais quoi that I still own and will always own! That's as much of the secret I can give you, but keep a close eye on me, because I will be taking it up a notch. This mystique is what makes the Lefemme brand its own ethos, you won't ever know what to expect when Lefemme is in ya area!”

What are you currently listening to?

“To be honest, right now I'm doing this interview jamming out to a record called ‘Foreign’ I recorded a while back that's a hit for sure, and I just realised it, crazy enough! I'm always looking to better myself so I am constantly critiquing my art, but outside of me, I am really loving that Migos ‘Lamb Talk’ and records like Justin Bieber’s ‘No Brainer’. [They] make my day go by a lot quicker. When it's none of that, it's Mozart’s ‘Symphony 40’ or Art of Noise’s ‘Moments in Love!’ I'm always in a vibe of some sort that's a perfect soundtrack for the journey.”

Migos or The Beatles?

“That's a controversial question these days and time. I, naturally, will say The Beatles! Some legacies are meant to be untouched, but I love the Migos and think what they have done not only for… Atlanta, but for the culture, is absolutely profound. Big up to them and the whole Quality Control music conglomerate.”