Interview with Yung Gleesh

Interview with Yung Gleesh

Walk Gleesh Walk

Interview with Yung Gleesh

Walk Gleesh Walk
You’ve had a lot of singles and had the Cleansides Finest 3 EP. Is Gleesh technically your debut album or another EP/mixtape?

“Gleesh is like a stepping stone to the future and to what’s coming next. Everything technically is an album nowadays, especially since LAB Mixtapes, SoundCloud, and a lot of those free outlets aren’t here anymore. Everything is being sold now and so everything is an album.

[Gleesh] is like an album, but I want to say it’s like how [Cleansides Finest 3] was, and that people weren’t ready for that. I was like 4 or 5 years ahead of my time. The industry got hip a couple years later. This tape right here is gonna get them ready for what’s to come.

Imma give y’all the layout beforehand, before I just throw y’all into the future.”

Are you experimenting with your sound at all on Gleesh, or is it an evolution of where you’ve come from?

“Basically, Gleesh is me finding my new sound, my new ways, and me trying to experiment, but it ends up [still] being Gleesh. A lot of the songs, people just hear real, raw, rugged Gleesh. After me trying to do different shit, you can hear the difference, but it’s still just raw, rugged Gleesh at the end of the day.”

Are there any features you’re excited for people to hear on Gleesh, or is it just you?

“I’ve got 3 featured songs. Two songs are featuring my man MoeRoy, coming out of my label Mo Kill Records. Ya’ll have probably seen him before. He went viral maybe a year or two ago, but we’re about to push him real crazy with a whole new image.

Then, I have my other two artists, JayT and Twan, and they’re from around my way.”

From D.C.?

“Yeah, they’re actually on the song called ‘Condolences’ that I’ve already dropped, talkin about Fredo [Santana] & [A$AP] Yams.

While we’re on the topic of features, I know you’ve collaborated with a lot of different artists, such as Fredo Santana (may he rest in peace), some of A$AP Mob, and even Gucci Mane. Who have been some of your favorite people to collaborate with?

“I don’t really even like collabs, that’s why I don’t have that many features. Like I could have way more ‘cause I do know a lot of artists, and I just don’t like doing music with people.

When I’m making a song, I just don’t feel like anybody fits with the song that I have. Unless it’s a song that we went in there and made together and shit.”

Is there anyone in particular you do want to collaborate with in the studio?

“DaBaby. Baby Jesus.”

Do you mean Lil Baby?

“No not Lil Baby. Let me say that again, not Lil Baby. Shoutout to Lil Baby too, cause shawty going crazy right now. But, I want to work with Da Baby, man. Baby Jesus. He’s coming out of North Carolina. The nigga going crazy.”

You mentioned in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit a few years ago that you were from “18th Monroe, 1-8 zone...part of DC.” Has being from that particular part of DC influenced your style, production, or come-up at all? If so, how?

“Well, being that from part gave me the word Gleesh. That part in particular said Gleesh. The whole [entirety] of D.C. didn’t say Gleesh. That was my hood word type of shit.

D.C. in general influenced my style… Just that whole environment, not just my hood. My hood did have a good percentage [though]...How I sound [is based] from our choice of music, which is go-go music.

You previously mentioned (on that same AMA) that Lil Boosie has inspired you to rap, but they don’t inspire you anymore. Who inspires you now both inside and outside of the D.C. area?

“I don’t really listen to too many people, bro. I’ll give you some names of some niggas that are going crazy. Q Da Fool going crazy right now, I fuck with his shit. Lil Dude and them going crazy, and then Goonew Rich and them going crazy, but they’re beefing with Q Da Fool. I wish they would stop beefing so they could make music together. If they were to make music together, that would be some crazy shit.

There’s a bunch of niggas in D.C. that are going crazy. I wouldn’t say anybody is inspiring me and shit. I try not to listen to niggas, so I don’t get inspired by niggas. I just do me, bro. I pride myself on sounding like myself, and I hate when niggas sound like other niggas or other niggas sound like me.

It’s cool to be inspired, but people don’t give that credit back. A lot of niggas just not getting that credit back.”

I tend not to listen to other niggas cause I don’t want to be inspired by anything other than me. So...nobody [can] say ‘I inspired you.’ I want to bring something to the table instead of taking something away from the table and not giving back.”

So you feel like you’re taking from someone else if you’re too inspired by something. It’s not as fresh or as you if it is inspired by something else?

“Facts, facts. Even if it’s not intentional.”

Separated from inspirations and such, if we handed you the aux, what would you play for us right now/what are you currently listening to?

“I’m listening to some future Gleesh, old-school Gucci, all of Future, whatever Future got -- old school Future, new school Future, all that Future shit -- Chief Keef joints. It all depends on how I’m feeling cause I could get old school and [say] Beanie Sigel and DIPSET, it just depends on where we’re going with it.”

Going back a little bit, you’ve also mentioned that before you rapped, you and Roger Beat had a band. What was the name of y’all’s band and what kind of music did yall perform?

“It was go-go music. That’s D.C.’s music. Like that’s our own music. Nobody else in the world has it. It’s like African based drum type shit, but it’s not African. If you don’t know about it, you gotta do your own research about it, cause it’s a whole other thing.

The name of the go-go band we were in was called TOB. Take Ova Band. Like take over the industry.”

I'm Yung Gleesh AMA from r/hiphopheads
Before we wrap things up, I have to mention that I discovered you through the song “Telephone Calls” from A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends mixtape. I have to ask, how did you come up with the whole idea of Gleesh walking and that whole vibe?

“Let’s go back to go-go. In go-go there’s a dance. You know, we dance to this certain music. I was doing these dances in Rocky’s video. I was in the ‘[Lord] Pretty Flacko Jodye’ video, that everybody thought was Juicy J dancing in the middle. So, I was already doing these dances and moonwalking and shit. And when we were recording Rocky was like ‘Man, you gotta show them niggas that Gleesh walk shit man. You gotta show them niggas how to do that shit on this joint.’ And I said ‘aight.’

Now, let’s go back to go-go. There was a go-go band called TCB, Taking Care of Business Band. They had a song called ‘Pussy Walk’ and I was inspired by that song. Go search that song out of anything I told you to search today. And TCB’s ‘Ass Clap."

So how you move to that song is how you came up with Gleesh walking?

“That’s where I came up with the way to format my dance into words for a song, if you can understand that theory. That was just the best way to format my dance into words and into a song, and they had already had a format laid out and I was inspired by that shit. [When] he said ‘Show them niggas how to Gleesh walk...’ there wasn’t a word for that shit then, but I already knew 'Pussy Walk' as a song, so I was like ‘Lemme do that... whole [thing].’

Shouout to TCB, man. And that’s the shit I’m talking about. A nigga get inspired by some nigga and won’t say where the fuck he got inspired from, you know what I mean? I just told you go to search the nigga. If I’m inspired by a nigga, Imma tell you to search the nigga too. Don’t think it’s just me. That’s the type of shit I hate.

Migos or The Beatles?

“I think mofuckin’ Russ has a bigger legacy than all them niggas, bruh. I think everybody needs to listen to Russ’s new album, that shit is crack. Everybody who is hating on Russ is crazy. It’s crazy. Russ figured everything out. Russ is bigger than Prince, nigga. Fuck this shit. I’m with the Russ campaign. Russ’s last 3 albums are at the top. Before all the other niggas, there’s Russ.

What draws you to Russ particularly, if you don’t mind me asking?

“Russ is that nigga, bruh. Like, niggas want to be on Bryson Tiller and all this punk ass shit. Russ is that nigga, bruh. He reminds me of like Tory Lanez. He’s like one of the niggas that niggas sleep on like a bitch ass nigga, but realize that they would cut your ass out and get your ass for real.”

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