Jay Som is Awesome


In honor of Jay Som dropping the official music video for “The Bus Song,” I thought I’d give a happy little shout out to one of my current indie darlings. I’ll start by mentioning that when I saw Jay Som live they were so fucking cool. Like, I legit wish I could be half as cool Melina Duterte. I feel like they’re so consistent in their sound, which speaks both to their musical talent and prowess in the recording studio. I highly recommend their Tiny Desk Concert if you can’t make it to an IRL show. There’s no gimmicky branding with Jay Som, just some dope music here.

Now some notes on the “The Bus Song” music video. If puppies and pancakes weren’t enough to convince you to watch, it was directed by Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast. And I do want to take a moment to celebrate women behind the camera; it is so important right now in so many ways. I think the music video is so precious and so well done. It’s playful. It’s merry. And so often in music videos female performers have to put on this brooding, serious face. We see so much sexualization and objectification that caters to the male gaze, I like that this music video is different. While it’s not aggressively sexual, there’s definitely still a sensuality present. I love the little details like tattoos peaking out of sleeves and skirts. But mostly, it’s just wholesome fun here. Watching this video makes you want to join the band. You want to be pulled around in a wagon with a harmonium in your lap. Whatever beach they’re on, you want to be there. As we transition to fall, this music video deliciously clings to the summer sun aesthetic. Like the lyric says on the bus, you can be whoever you want to be and the video celebrates individuality while finding your crew.

Her entire new album, Everybody Works, is worth multiple listens. Jay Som is great for brightening my days and maybe yours too. @Jaysomband is an on point twitter account which will often retweet fans. My favorite being when she retweeted “The couple in front of me at Jay Som definitely fucks to Jay Som”. Classic. There’s a lot of good music to discover, but Jay Som is not one to sleep on. Oh and also I LIKE THE BUS!