Justin Oliver - "Daydreamin'"

Justin Oliver's "Daydreamin'"

Justin Oliver

Justin Oliver is a up and coming artist from Tuscaloosa, AL who has just released another single today. I’ve interviewed the singer-songwriter before if you want more background on him and his opinions on being an artist.

Justin’s newest single in called DayDreamin’ which is a love song for the masses. I asked Justin a few questions about the song and the process of making it.

Q: What is the message of the song?

A: The message of the song is about daydreaming about that crush in your life and wondering where it could possibly go, which happens to everyone.

Q: How did you come up with beat/ overall sound?

A: My recording engineer David Myers and producer Mario Butler are magic.

Q: How long did it take you to write/ produce the song?

A: I wrote the song about a year ago, but decided it would go best on my new album coming out very soon. I wanted this single to come out on Valentine’s Day.

Q: What instruments or sounds were used?

A: Harp, Rhodes piano, my tongue pops and trademark MJ snaps. My voice is also sampled to make some of the other snazzy effects. The end even features my laugh from one of our outtakes. Also a few synths throughout.

The song is another triumph by Justin. His last song “Not the Same” really showed Justin’s unique sound. This song has a great soul/ R&B sound that is also complimented by the pop elements. The bass and drums keep the song on a nice overall beat and pace. Justin also has a great amount of control in this song. He lets his voice build and build until the end when he lets it fly. Justin has a great vocal range and an even better falsetto for the high notes. You can tell from the lyrics that Justin has obviously experienced something personal in this song. The lyrics do a great job of explaining that feeling of falling in love without all of the clichés. The chorus of the song is so simple yet so accurate. Most of the time we just day dream about the love we have for someone without acting on it. This song is a great love song that I think everyone can relate to. Keep a lookout for Justin’s album dropping soon, and find some love today by listening to this song. My rating of this song is a solid 9/10.

Listen to the song below: