Milk and Cookies is Good for the Soul

Milk + Cookies is Good for the Soul
We got a chance to cover the Milk + Cookies Fest in Atlanta recently. This is our take on the artists' performances.
Milk + Cookies is Good for the Soul
We got a chance to cover the Milk + Cookies Fest in Atlanta recently. This is our take on the artists' performances.

Mlik + Cookies is a music and dessert festival held at 787 Windsor, an old warehouse in Southwest Atlanta. The open area is perfect for patrons to frolic and listen to music, check out a variety of art installations, indulge in the good eats from the food trucks and drink merrily at the bar. The festival vibes were on point… except for the weather.

It was cold (well, it was cold for Atlanta) and rainy for the majority of the day. But some of the acts were so good that they made you forget about the uncomfortable climate. Here are some highlights of their performances.

Tim Gunter

I promise the sun only came out for Tim’s set and it was so fitting. As one of the first performers, the crowd was thin and most people were wandering around getting drinks or checking out the food trucks. But when Tim started his set, everyone crammed into the pit to feel the bass and dance like no one was watching.

Tim shined just like the sun. From “Laffy Taffy” to “Crank That,” he incorporated classic Atlanta cuts that you couldn’t help but dance to.

I was especially excited to see Tim’s set because of my love for dance music and because I randomly came across one of his soundcloud mixes a couple of years ago. His performance on Saturday really has me looking forward to hearing more from the young artist.

Summer Walker

Honestly, I don’t know who had a better performance- Summer or her band. With superb accompaniment from her band, Summer’s silky smooth vocals wafted into the crowd like a remedy for the rain. Summer got to show her entire arsenal and hopped on the guitar to show her strums were as good as her lungs.


The best part about this festival (and concert-going in general) is discovering talented artists you’ve never heard of who also rep your hometown. BOSCO is an Atlanta artist whose name you should get used to hearing. Her polished vocals over an almost electronic beat is the perfect combination and creates the atmospheric, chill but upbeat vibe that is becoming more and more popular.


Marsupial!!! SahBabii had the most involved performance of the entire festival. With bubbles flying everywhere and purple smoke filling the crowd, SahBabii definitely had the most interactive and fun set.

Xavier Omar

I was pretty familiar with Xavier Omar. He’s an immensely talented R&B singer who also performs under the pseudonym SPZRKT (honestly, I don’t know who all makes up SPZRKT and I’m not sure anyone does) with Sango to make beautiful gospel-edm or trap-soul music. Like I said, I knew Xavier was talented but his performance blew me away.

There was a bit of a lull before Xavier’s performance. It was still cold and rainy, so patrons were finding ways to kill time in between sets. But as soon as Xavier sang his first note, the entire crowd was fixated on him. His silky smooth vocals commanded attention and they shined as he sang everyone’s favorite ballad- the Pokemon Theme Song.

We got a chance to catch up with Xavier after his performance. Initially, he said he was worried the crowd wouldn’t vibe with his opening selection but it turned out to go better than expected. Xavier crushed his performance, and definitely won some fans this past weekend.

Alina Baraz

Similar to Xavier Omar, Alina’s voice commands your attention. There’s no escaping the trance; it’s like a good version of the Sirens in Greek mythology. Even on a cloudy and gloomy day, her aura was visible and glowing.

It’s always interesting to observe entertainers outside of their on stage performance. This can either taint or lift an artist’s appeal because it’s pretty easy to tell if they are genuine people or assholes. Alina represents the former. She showed up hours before her set to meet and take pictures with a number of fans. Similar to the late, great Charlie Murphy’s experience with Rick James, her aura was very much present and it felt like we were just living in her world.

As far as her performance, following up Xavier Omar is a tough task. But with Alina on stage, time became irrelevant, the rain didn’t matter, and the cold weather was an afterthought. Alina’s voice is both angelic and atmospheric, making it almost impossible to escape the trance that her melody exuded.

Although she released a new album last week, Alina mainly stuck the classics like “Pretty Thoughts” and “Electric”.

Tory Lanez

Fittingly as the headliner of the night, Tory Lanez was liiiiiiit. In all honesty, I’m not the biggest Tory Lanez fan. But I couldn’t help but vibe with the energy he brought to the stage- which was unexpected since he’s mainly an R&B singer.

While Xavier and Alina killed their performances, the mood of the show was more calm and laid back because of their particular sound. The crowd was filled with a warmth of soul and Tory came to the stage and turned it into a party. His stage presence was unmatched and it was clear why he was the headliner.

Header photo by J Raff. Rest of photos from Nathaniel Johnson IV