My Discovery of Buckethead

My Discovery of Buckethead

They say he was raised by chickens, but who is he really?

People don’t know too much about Brian Carroll, more commonly referred to as Buckethead. He’s released just over 300 albums, performed with a variety of artists and groups such as Guns N’ Roses, Praxis and Bootsy Collins. Meanwhile, he’s kept his private life completely unknown. In a recent interview with Coming Alive , hosted by Barry Michels & Phil Stutz, Brian Carroll opened up about how Buckethead came to be.

Carroll was born in California in the summer of 1969 and began playing the guitar at a very young age. While eating chicken one night, he decided to put the empty chicken bucket on top of his head along with his Michael Myers-esque mask. He looked in the mirror and thought to himself “oh...that’s Buckethead.” It wasn’t until his friend Joe Gore encouraged him to pursue the identity of Buckethead that Brian really considered it (see the Coming Alive Podcast at 38 minutes and 25 seconds.)

As Carroll continued to play guitar, he stuck with his newfound identity and it’s something that clicked with his listeners.

I’m a millennial and grew up not listening to much rock music. I was first introduced to Buckethead through Guitar Hero II. His song “Jordan” was one of the hardest songs to play in the game due to some complex solos. Just take a listen for yourself.

After hearing this song, I was curious to hear some of his other music. After doing my research, I realized how much of a variety of music he had. Buckethead ranges from funk to psychadelic to ambient, and does so successfully without hesitation.

Even after 10 years of being a Buckethead fan, there is always something new to discover. Each track provides a glimpse into the beautiful brain underneath the bucket, and the mysterious personality behind the mask.