October's Very Own

October's Very Own

OVO Sound has made it quite the eventful autumn, and we haven’t even gotten anything new from Drake. In the summer, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roy Woods, Majid Jordan, and dvsn. all released artwork accompanied with the announcement they would have new music coming before the end of the year. We’ll take it artist by artist from here.

PARTYNEXTDOOR began the summer with the Colours 2 EP and a slew of singles released over Soundcloud- namely “Break Me Down,” “Rain,” “Own Up To Your Sh*t”. It’s been his thing to release a lot of music in the summer but give no indication of what will officially be on his album. Finally, late in the summer we got the artwork for upcoming album Club Atlantis. There’s no release date yet, but PND tweeted out that he had been working with Kanye West, T-Pain, and Ne-Yo. Then, he surprised us with the single “Damage” ft. Halsey- an upbeat electro-pop sounding jam. Soon after, we got the Seven Days EP. The EP features seven songs made in seven days, with features from the aforementioned Halsey and the boss, Rick Ross. Party showed his range over the woozy ballad “The Right Way,” potential club banger “Bad Intentions,” and mumbling over “Never Played Me.” It was a pleasant surprise nonetheless, but certainly fell into the shadows after the next two groups released their projects.

Dvsn. is already being mentioned among the top artists in R&B today. An OVO co-sign is always powerful, but the duo’s ability to create nearly perfect music for getting into the mood has made them a favorite among music listeners today. With such a strong debut from SEPT 5th, it was difficult to imagine them producing anything better. Singles “Think About Me,” “Don’t Choose,” “Mood,” and “POV” didn’t really give a huge indication of what this album would be other than text-your-ex music, with distinct vibes in each song. Finally, Morning After was announced and given to us on Friday the 13th. What a lucky day it was. 13 songs of pure emotion, vibes, and vocal prowess. The opening stretch of “Run Away,” “Nuh Time/Tek Time,” and “Keep Calm” are a strong setup for the 4 pre-released singles before dvsn. really gets into their bag. “You Do” is hypnotic, “Morning After” is an upbeat style we haven’t really heard from dvsn. beyond their collaboration with Majid Jordan that I’ll discuss later. The album ends as strongly as it starts, with “Conversations in a Diner” carrying you into a state of dissatisfaction that the album ended there. There are just my feelings, but the shorter album structure fits well here and has me looking forward to what dvsn. does next. This has entered my top 5 albums of the year for sure.

Then there’s Majid Jordan. Majid has always occupied the electronic and pop lanes of OVO, and done them quite well. Majid left me in a state of confusion leading up to The Space Between, with singles “Phases,” "One I Want" ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR and “My Imagination” ft. dvsn. The 13-song album came on October 27th and was definitely geared more toward the electropop sound than anything else. The stretch from “OG Heartthrob” to “Not Ashamed” is incredible, featuring a funkier old school flow over typical beats Majid utilizes. I really appreciate this album individually as well as how it complements what dvsn. and PND put out. It’s very distinct in sound- standing out and having a more overwhelming sound than the other OVO artists. Majid Jordan’s high energy tracks and sounds drown out the bluesy, woozy PND sound. Dvsn. certainly measured up with tracks like “Run Away” and “Morning After” but Majid Jordan’s album would definitely hold up the best in a social setting.

Roy Woods has been pretty mum, besides a freestyle named after his upcoming album titled Say Less. He recently released single “Afterparty” featuring Swae Lee and Lil Yachty, which is the first official single off of the album. There’s no release date, artwork, or tracklist, but the OVO heavyweights typically like to put out their projects within a similar timeframe. 2016 alone gave us Views, P3, SEPT 5th, Majid Jordan, Waking At Dawn and the Nocturnal EP. With such strong projects out already, I can only imagine what PND and Woods have in store. OVO operates strategically, and it’s possible the best is yet to come. Did I mention Drake recently announced on his tour that he’s working on new music? I’ll save that for another article.