"OKRA" by Tyler, the Creator

"OKRA" by Tyler, the Creator

After dropping his critically-acclaimed and Grammy Nominated album Flower Boy in Summer of 2017, Tyler’s back at it again with his new single/throwaway song “OKRA”.

Clearly labeled a “throwaway song” by the artist himself, Tyler steers away from the Flower Boy persona and finds a braggadocious, bass-boosted beat to spit over and discuss his wealth and confidence in himself. To put it bluntly, the song is nothing short of boastful...and it feels good.

Wolf Haley (Tyler’s alter-ego for rapping and directing) directed the video. As of late, it seems that Haley is sticking to this style of filming, where one camera is zoomed in close to the subject’s face, and the other camera is zoomed out to give perspective of the subject’s surroundings. Haley then meshes the two frames together to give depth to the scenes and characters involved.

It seems that this concept was first tested in Tyler’s video for the song “Perfect (feat. Kali Uchis & Austin Feinstein)” off his third album Cherry Bomb. This filming concept was used again in Tyler’s “conversation” with Jerrod Carmichael for Flower Boy.

While it’s a unique perspective in terms of cinematography, it certainly adds flavor and uniqueness to Tyler’s videos. People can easily read the expressions on each person’s face, while gaining an overall perspective of their body language and physical surroundings as well.

In their conversation about Flower Boy, Tyler and Jerrod are visibly passionate about the album, which are complemented by the camera angles and positioning. With “OKRA,” the cameras convey humbleness in beginning of the video. However, the second half visually displays the ego and confidence that is growing within Tyler and the brand that surrounds him.