On “Denim”, Luke Bass creates a dense dance track

On “Denim”, Luke Bass creates a dense dance track
On “Denim”, Luke Bass creates a dense dance track

Athens-based artist Luke Bass blisses out in his new single “Denim.”

It feels like a slowed down club track, as it’s backgrounded by dense bass and really clean synths. It’s the type of song to just dive into because of how atmospheric it is.

As his voice warps, rises and falls it seems to mirror what he’s feeling. He sings about trying to find composure when it all feels too much, and this single is therapeutic for that type of thing.

“You have that young look on your face just like you used to” indicates that there’s some history with the person that Luke Bass focuses on in this song. It’s enjoyable that a shorter electronic track like this one is more than meets the eye. Nostalgia and the looming future go hand-in-hand on “Denim.”

“Are you rocking with the denim or are you riding with the suede?” is the track’s last hook, and it brings it back down to earth with a simple choice.

The different voices that Luke Bass uses on “Denim” are really interesting. Each one sets a mood, the higher-pitched vocals being especially emotive while the deeper ones make the track feel much more like a dance song.

“Denim” is a layered track, and it shows that Luke Bass has a clearly-defined sound. It’ll be interesting to see what project he puts out next because if it’s anything like this single, it’ll be a winner.

Hamilton is a student at UGA