Six Danny Wolf Songs You Need To Know

Trust Me Danny!

Danny Wolf is a 20 year old Mexican-American hip-hop/rap producer from Atlanta, Georgia sporting grandpa grey hair at the moment. He already has an extensive list of production credits, including entire collaborative projects with iLoveMakonnen and Hoodrich Pablo Juan AND is rumored to be working on Lil Uzi Vert’s Luv Is Rage 2 along with maybe the catchiest producer tags outside of Metro Boomin. Recently he even gave his first interview to Adam22’s No Jumper podcast. Here are six songs to familiarize yourself with his catalog before he blows up.

iLoveMakonnen - Trust Me Danny

Can’t start this list without the song where he got his tag from. This playful, bubble-gum trap banger brings out the best in both artists. Makonnen’s signature falsetto hook, “I got my plug on the phone like trust me Danny!” combined with the young producer’s high pitched synthesizers make this song a smash.

Hoodrich Pablo Jaun - Man With The Plan

Danny Wolf has played a significant role in Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s come up. This cut off Designer Drugz 2, prior to the release of their collaborative mixtape Hoodwolf, demonstrated the impeccable chemistry the two have together. This beat is my personal favorite from Danny Wolf’s catalog. It has almost hypnotic qualities and Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s dizzying flow make it fun to listen to.

Despite being less than two minutes long and having only one verse, this song has racked up over 20 million plays on YouTube. Co-produced by Ronny J, and no matter how terrible Lil Pump’s rapping is, nothing can ruin this masterpiece of a beat. The rattling snares and hard synths make this one undeniably catchy. After racking up 40 million plays on YouTube this song has certainly earned Danny some exposure.

This is probably Ugly God’s biggest hit to date and one of the songs that propelled him onto the XXL Freshman cover despite not having an official mixtape out at the time. “I Had reached out to Ugly God cause I was fucking with the wave and believed he could make it to the top. I never did it with intentions to blow up, I just did it cause I loved his music,” Wolf stated in his verified Rap Genius annotation. Oh and this one went platinum not too long ago.

Rich The Kid - Got Rich

This hilarious video of the conspicuously well dressed Rich The Kid brushing his teeth while rinsing his mouth with Fiji water might the most entertaining visual ever used to illustrate one of Danny Wolf’s productions. There is certainly some entertainment value in watching Rich the Kid buy what appears to be a super sized Corona from a convenience store before using his Maserati to speed through a residential neighborhood as he proceeds to engage in all kinds of ridiculous dance moves. The beat isn’t bad either.

A$AP Ferg feat. Migos - Back Hurt

This song is reminiscent of “Man Wit The Plan” and many of Danny Wolf’s other productions. Just like Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Migos are an excellent fit for such a fast tempo beat. Ferg almost seems like a fourth member of the Migos with the way he adopts their flow on this one. This is a compelling yet unconventional collaboration to begin with, and the fact that Danny’s production makes the track flow so seamlessly shows that he has something in his catalog for everyone.