Taylor Swift Ruins the Party Again

Taylor Swift Ruins the Party Again

If you’re a human being you’ve definitely danced to the Earth, Wind & Fire classic, “September.” If it comes on at a wedding, bat mitzvah or high school prom, it’s guaranteed that people are gonna have a good time. It takes a special kind of monster to ruin something so wholesome… and that monster is Taylor Swift. I’m gonna break down everything that’s wrong here.

T-Swift somehow takes a song that is almost too fun and sucks all the joy out of it. Instead of an upbeat bop laced with gorgeous falsetto, she gives us a monotown gravel with the tone of the dear diary teen songs she broke out with when she was still country. Taylor Swift ruins the party again.

T-Swift Ruins the Party Again!

The original tune had a cool sexiness to it. The song is about better times when there was dancing and love. It’s got a swing, and it’s hard to not want to get up and dance to it. Taylor Swift strips the song of any sex appeal with her weird and folky cover. She attempts some weird sex sounds that ultimately made me very uncomfortable. She needs to save that weird breath-y thing for whatever boy she’s dating in 2018. Taylor’s brand was founded on the concept of white virginity. While I do believe that artists evolve and change over time, Taylor Swift’s attempts at anything sexual have always felt...not sexy.

And finally the elephant in the room: Taylor Swift’s history of cultural appropriation. This cover is ultimately a white cover of a historically black pop song. It removes all the spirit and soul of the original and gives us a very stylistically white cover. While I do think that white performers can cover songs by black musicians, it needs to come from a place of respect. Time and time again T-Swift comes up with very bad optics concerning issues related to race (i.e. her condescending remarks about Kanye that play into racial stereotypes, mockery of black culture in her music videos, refusal to disavow white supremacist who evoke her image for their cause, and general lack of spine on any issue that actually matters). I think her choice of this particular song was misguided at best. Earth, Wind & Fire doesn’t deserve this. We don’t deserve this.

In the words of the also problematic Katy Perry, “I love her as a songwriter.” Truly the biggest obstacle on my path to Taylor Swift fandom is Taylor Swift. I hate that she did this to a beloved song and I’m just gonna pretend that this spotify session never happened. I suggest you do the same.

Mara Natale
Mara is a small town girl living in lonely world... who takes the midnight trains back to Jersey City.