Thank You for Caring For Me, Saba

Thank You for Caring for Me, Saba

I never planned on doing a review on Saba’s new album, CARE FOR ME. I still don’t. But the last track on the album compelled me to at least say something about it.

The tenth and final track, listed “HEAVEN ALL AROUND ME,” rubbed me raw -- to the point where I found myself in tears. This heavily religious-referenced track resonated deeply within me. Saba’s somewhat soothing cadence delivers a haunting yet calmful melody, insisting that “Heaven’s all around me,” and indeed it is.

Recently, I had to deal with the defeating loss of my dear grandmother, who I spent most of my childhood and a great deal of my prepubescent years with. She was such a special person who I learned a great deal from. We spent most of my summers together, with her teaching me to garden, telling me stories and taking long walks in her massive garden. And this track definitely made me think of her, and all of our moments we shared together.

Songs that can mirror your emotions -- whether they’re feelings of sorrow, grief, excitement or joy -- are so special in today’s music industry climate, where genuine feeling is sometimes lacking. A lot of it all is starting to feel similar, making it harder and harder to discern one song from the next. But I greatly respect what Saba has done for listeners on this most recent album. The music he has created is genuine and real; as a result, I’ve found it to strike a sense of familiarity that I can fall back on and, from now on, use as a point of reference. Saba is a rare act, able to create art from his own experiences and feelings that another individual human being can connect with, despite the fact that our circumstances may differ.

I miss my grandmother very much, but as Saba so gently informs us, there’s no longer pain and suffering in heaven -- where I know my grandmother is flourishing, enjoying her eternal resting place.

Rogers is a student at Georgia State University