The Best Desus & Mero Rap Segments

The Best Desus & Mero Rap Segments
The #1 show in Late Night.
The Best Desus & Mero Rap Segments
The #1 show in Late Night.

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have perfected the analysis of the sound bite that pervades in pop culture today, with their candid remarks and spicy commentary (which landed them in a war of words with DJ Envy when they recently appeared on The Breakfast Club). Their very popular "Bodega Boys" podcast eventually landed them their own late night show on Viceland. Of the many people their jokes target (politicians, actors, other TV hosts), rappers have by no means been exempt. The following is a breakdown of the best Desus & Mero rap-related segments of their show, as well as a couple of viral internet clips that I wish they would have analyzed.

Jay-Z New York Times Interview

For all of Desus’ contributions to the show, I don’t think anything can top Mero’s impersonation of rappers. From using his remarks to insinuate that Hov is part of the scientology cult, to roasting the interviewer for incorrectly referencing a the song “Story of OJ” as “Talking to OJ”, this segment is a classic.

21 Savage Slut Walk

Real talk, 21 Savage and Amber Rose are one of the best (and most recent) celebrity couples. Woke Mero returns for the intro of this clip, and later he goes so far as to insinuate that Amber Rose’s vagina could end racism.

Eminem Selfie

I don’t know what was more cringeworthy -- the last Eminem album, “Revival”, or this video, which shows the prelude to a middle-aged Slim Shady lovemaking session. Who is clearly uncomfortable with being recorded. Mero again is spot-on with his impersonation of Eminem during the final battle of 8 Mile.

Billboard Awards & NBA Awards with Drake

Mero is back again slaying the rapper impersonations, with Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj being the chosen targets in this one. When Drake goes onstage wildly Xan’d out (allegedly) and expresses his admiration for Vanessa Hudgens, things go south at the Billboard Awards. Drake’s hosting skills were also on full affect at the NBA awards, where he came out off the rip talking about NBA players sending DP’s to his girl’s inbox.

Katy Perry Dances With The Migos

Live TV performances are always awkward, and the Katy Perry feat. Migos record “Bon Appetit” is one of the worst cross-genre collaborations in recent history. Mero’s “Setoff” joke is hysterical, and let’s be honest, making fun of white people dancing is always a good laugh.

Nicki Minaj on the Ellen Show

I told y’all Ellen was messy! In this clip she shows her true colors by digging into Nicki Minaj and Nas’ relationship in explicit detail. The deep underground heads got shown some love in this segment with Desus’ “Nas is coming” joke.

Bonus Section! - A couple of clips that I wish Desus & Mero would have lended their commentary to.

Star’s awkward encounter with Nedeska on Everyday Struggle

I think everyone can agree that this show was 10x better with Joe Budden as a host, as opposed to a guy that makes remarks about masturbating on someone’s leg. Like, how does this man still have a job at Complex??? Inquiring minds want to know.

A Breakdown of the Kanye march madness bracket that was sweeping the internet

I would have loved to hear their take on Jesus Walks being a #1 seed or Amazing (admittedly not the best Kanye song of all time) being a #16 seed. Also, just seeing them fill it out would be amazing.

ITT we make assumptions about each other based on our Kanye Madness Bracket from r/Kanye

Post Malone’s - “Why Don’t You Love Me” Video From Before He Got Famous

I know they would have just let the yakoubian/white people jokes fly on this one. At the same time, this video is so ridiculous and obviously satirical that all of the punchlines and jokes might be too easy.