Top Ten Rankings Of Lil B's Mixtapes

Top Ten Lil B Albums/Mixtapes
In celebration of Lil B releasing his discography on streaming services, guest Star 88 Krates Ranks the top ten Lil B The Based God's projects.
Top Ten Lil B Albums/Mixtapes
In celebration of Lil B releasing his discography on streaming services, guest Star 88 Krates Ranks the top ten Lil B The Based God's projects.

Recently, rapper Lil B gifted us all by putting almost all of his mixtape catalog onto streaming services. With such a plethora of rare art being made available to us, it prompts the discussion of which of his projects are the best. Of course, all Lil B music is timeless and classic, so ranking it would be a near impossible task. However, for the sake of sparking debates and hate-replies saying we don’t know what we’re talking about, we will attempt to list the 10 best projects in his catalog. Before we begin, some honorable mentions that need to be listed are Green Flame, White Flame, and Everything Based. All of them are incredibly entertaining efforts by Lil B. One could argue that Everything Based is what started the legend of Lil B. However, with the rest of this list, it was hard for them to crack Top 10. With that being said, here is our ranking of The Basedgod’s 10 best projects.


Lil B
Black Ken
10. Black Ken

For much of Lil B’s career, fans saw new mixtapes from him being released at a very quick rate. However, after 2015’s “Thugged Out Pissed Off” mixtape, Lil B went silent with no music coming from him for over a year. This made “Black Ken” his most anticipated project to date. With all eyes on him, Lil B shocked everybody with an album entirely produced by The Basedgod himself which had the purpose of an homage to retro West Coast rap. “DJ Basedgod” gives the feel of jumping back in time to an 80’s house party in LA. It is markedly one of Lil B’s most serious efforts as he delivers some of his best rhymes and cadences, “Free Life” being a great example. With all of this, the album still retains the fun and quirky characteristics that made us love Lil B in the first place. “Zam Bose (In San Jose)” and "Wassup JoJo" are just enjoyably wacky. Even though some of it was forgettable, “Black Ken” simply was a grand reentrance.

Favorite Tracks: “DJ BasedGod”, “Free Life”, “Bad Mf”

Lil B
Task Force
9. Task Force

2012 was an incredible year for Lil B fans as it saw the release of an incredible amount of music. We’ll get to some other albums from this year later in the list. From the jump, the thumping intro, “Stick”, lets people know what they are in store for with the incredibly energetic and bass-heavy “Task Force” mixtape. The most notable track on this project has to be the extremely catchy ode, “Ryan Seacrest”. The song, like much of the album, sees Lil B deliver outrageously humorous lines and adlibs that you can’t help but vibe to. The line “Girl wanna chirp me. She said she play volleyball. / I serve every day, b*tch, you got some damn nerve!” alone warrants the mixtape a spot on this list. With songs like this and a sprinkle of some honest tones (“Myself”), there’s a lot to love.

Favorite Tracks: “Ryan Seacrest”, “Task Force”

Lil B
Based Jam
Girls & Coffee
8. Based Jam
I'mma go to Starbucks, in the mornin' for some coffee.
If it ain't a girl there, I won't buy no damn coffee.

How can you see the cover art for this tape and not already be entertained? “Based Jam” is another 2012 effort that is chock full of quotables. “Everybody Kno” features the legendary line, “I'mma go to Starbucks, in the mornin' for some coffee. / If it ain't a girl there, I won't buy no damn coffee.” Historians believe this to be one of the most important verses uttered in human history. In all seriousness, this album is an insanely fun listen between “Everybody Kno” and “Hit Em Up”. In addition, tracks like the 2Pac-sampling “Hip Hops Alive” are refreshingly positive to groove to.

Favorite Tracks: “Hip Hops Alive” , “Erybody Kno”, “Life Or Death”

Lil B
B*tch Mob: Respect Da B*tch, Vol. 1
Respect Da B*tch
7. . B*tch Mob: Respect Da B*tch, Vol. 1

When considering where to place Lil B projects, you have to consider if the album has any tracks that leave an impact on listeners. You’d be hard pressed to find a Lil B fan that can’t recite the chorus to the earworm that is “Bill Bellamy”. This mixtape plays like an old Cash Money Records album, and listeners can definitely appreciate how it fits Lil B. Overall, the album is very consistent in being a trunk-rattling joyride from start to finish. Songs like “Azz Up” and “Still Thuggin” might just blow the speakers out the back.

Favorite Tracks: “Bill Bellamy”, “Still Thuggin”,“Azz Up”

Lil B
God’s Father
6. God's Father

Yep. Another 2012 cut. However, this one holds a very special place in some fans’ hearts. “God’s Father” saw a sharp turn from what many had become familiar with from Lil B. “The BasedGods Layer” welcomes the listener with a very wide sounds and cloudy rap that only people who heard his early Clams Casino collabs would know. The very next track, “I Own Swag” is arguably the most aggressive Lil B has ever attacked a beat, going straight for David Banner over his own beat. The tape is 34 songs long, but there really isn’t a dull moment in the whole album. It’s very experimental with some of its productions and Lil B switches from earnest flows to wacky humor throughout to keep you on your toes. This album let us know to expect the unexpected from Lil B, even more than we previously had.

Favorite Tracks: “I Own Swag” , “Words Not Spoken”, "Fonk Ain't Dead"


Lil B
Pink Flame
5. Pink Flame

“Pink Flame” is probably one of the most popular Lil B projects out. This is definitely on the more eccentric end of his discography. Listen to “Flex 36” for proof. The adlibs range from “AAAAHHHHH!” to “Martha Stewart!”…and that’s just one song. The Basedgod holds nothing back as his antics reach an all-time high on tracks like “Based Cerebral” and “Twurk It Like Dat”. One track congratulates himself on having relations with “1000 B*tches”. You just have to go with it. I promise that at least the first listen will be interesting to say the least. Allow yourself to just enjoy the hysterical nature of a lot of the tracks.

Favorite Tracks: “Based Cerebral” , “Twurk It Like Dat”, “1000 B*tches”
Lil B
Trapped in Basedworld
4. Trapped in Basedworld

I will make the case that this is one of the most underrated mixtapes that Lil B has. At the height of the heralded 2012 releases, there is a lot to appreciate about this album. It’s everything that “Pink Flame” offers but that energy lasts for the duration of the tape. It helps that it is almost half the size of “Pink Flame”. “Trapped in Basedworld” is marked by the wildly fun and catchy “Texas”. Much of these songs are almost nonsensical, but it’s this nonsensical nature that makes fans love listening to it even more. The track “Mmmmmmmm Damn” is almost exclusively adlibs. He doubles down on the same track by bragging about dressing like Al Green of all people. Why? Who cares! There’s a certain charm to how wacky this album is that you can’t help but love.

Favorite Tracks: “Mmmmmmmm Damn” , “Trapped In BaseWorld”
Lil B
05 F*ck Em
3. 05 F*ck Em

You never know what to expect from Lil B. Just when you thought you had seen The Basedgod do everything, he comes out with the whopping 101-song(!) mixtape “05 F*ck Em” mixtape. This tape has every kind of Lil B track you could think of, from hard-hitting trap bangers like “Prayin’ 4 a Brick” to more conscious raps in “Rip Kennedy”. There’s even a cut that features production from Mac Miller (“Pixar”). The only gripe is that a full listen of this album takes 5 hours and 47 minutes. However, if you’re willing to listen all the way through, you’ll find a lot of solid choice cuts for your playlist.

Favorite Tracks: Welcome Home
Lil B
Hoop Life
Ball Is Life
2. Hoop Life

The time surrounding the release of “Hoop Life” was a wild time for everybody keeping tabs on Lil B. During the “Hoop Life” era, Kevin Durant was the subject of the feared #BASEDGODCURSE. The viral hit, “F*ck KD”, saw Lil B declaring war on Kevin Durant for having the audacity to call Lil B wack. People in droves started belting the chorus to the diss track and The Basedgod emerged at the forefront of culture for a while during the NBA playoffs. Note: Kevin Durant would go on to blow a 3-1 lead to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals under the curse. The rest of the basketball-centered mixtape is just as entertaining as the diss track. Newly revealed adlibs, more lovable quirkiness, and some really great production that included Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, and Young Chop one beat (“NBA Live”) make this project stand out among the rest. On top of this, some songs are genuinely hits, such as “Don’t Go Outside” and “At the Freethrow”. With all eyes on him, Lil B stepped up to the challenge and hit an immaculate game-winner with this tape.

Favorite Tracks: "Pretty Boy Anthem", "F*ck KD","Ski Ski BasedGod"
Lil B
Red Flame: Evil Edition
He's Based God
1. Red Flame: Evil Edition

I anticipate that this pick will confuse many people. Why the evil edition? Why not just original “Red Flame”? The fact is that I was pretty much torn between the two for a top spot. To be fair to other projects, only one of them would be included. I chose Evil Edition for two main reasons as both the superior to original “Red Flame” as well as the #1 spot on the list. First, the tape has pretty much everything you could ask for from Lil B. “Bitch Mob Anthem” showcases the West Coast banger side of Lil B. Throw that in with the quirky originality in tracks such as “I Love Video Games” and “Hipster Girls”. All of these tracks are just incredibly enjoyable, especially the triumphant “Think Im Basedgod”. In addition to that, Lil B raps at some of his highest caliber over some incredible production in songs such as “Whats 100 Dollars” and “Evil Red Flame Remix”. Second, this laid the groundwork for all the rest of Lil B’s discography. It fully encapsulates of the complete picture of Lil B as an artist and entertainer. I feel that this level of expression, even as goofy as it is, carries high value among the rest of his releases.

Favorite Tracks: "Think Im Basedgod", "Bitch Mob Anthem","Hipster Girls"

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