We're Upset... But Cool Video, Bro

We're Upset... But cool video, bro

Although the video has nothing to do with the song, it's a cool and creative project.

We're Upset... But cool video, bro

Although the video has nothing to do with the song, it's a cool and creative project.

To quote (and edit) a line from Drake’s fiercest rival to date, “N*ggas talking sh*t Drake, how do you respond?” Well, apparently by making a video that has nothing to do with the song….

This line was taken from the hook to “What Would Meek Do” off of Pusha T’s DAYTONA album that released on May 25th. The song featured Kanye West and Pusha T trading bars about how they cope with critiques of them and their careers. It was followed up by the album closer “Infrared,” which we all know sparked the recent, highly intense feud between Drake and King Push with direct shots at the Toronto rapper using ghostwriter Quentin Miller, Lil Wayne, and Birdman.

To quickly bring everyone up to speed, Drake followed that up about 17 hours later with the “Duppy Freestyle,” addressing how Pusha T isn’t the drug kingpin he makes himself out to be, name dropping his fiancee Virginia Williams, hinting at Kanye’s insecurity in holding back new Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh, whom he’s collaborated with since 2002. Most notably, he spilled the tea on ghostwriting “30 Hours” off of Yeezy’s 2016 The Life of Pablo album and work he did in Wyoming. Drake is, in fact, credited for writing on “Yikes” from the G.O.O.D Music head honcho’s recently released ye.. Yikes, indeed.

What followed that was perhaps the most aggressive and quality Drake diss we have ever heard -- Pusha T’s response titled “The Story of Adidon,” which released on May 28th. Over JAY-Z and No I.D.s “The Story of OJ” beat from Summer 2017’s 4:44, Pusha T talked about Drake’s father, who he parades around despite being absent throughout most of the artist’s life, his mother never remarrying, Drake’s alleged secret child Adonis with pornstar Sophie Brussaux, the Adidas line he’s coming out with that is supposedly dedicated to his son, and his longtime producer 40’s battle with multiple sclerosis. Not to mention, the cover art featured Drake himself wearing blackface. It was the most damaging piece of work formed against Drake and forced him into silence for weeks, besides an Instagram statement clarifying he did the blackface shot back in 2007 alongside David Leyes to display the black struggle in acting, even in these modern times.

In the midst of all of this beef, Drake released another single on the Saturday, May 26th episode of OVO Sound Radio titled “I’m Upset.” Because of the timing, it was assumed he was revisiting the “Back to Back” diss effort from summer 2015 that stymied Meek Mill’s ascension in the rap game for quite some time. The track had some references to people targeting him, and how their efforts are futile no matter how much they put into it, but otherwise... it didn’t really say much. Hence why the track was not well received, and cast aside as either a trash diss song or a lukewarm single.

Here is one thing we have learned about Drake over the course of his rap career, and even beyond -- he does not die. Meek tried, Common tried, and Joe Budden too -- just to name a few. They brought a lot of energy to trying to tear the man down, but to no avail. He has been exposed for ghostwriting, getting peed on, getting slapped in the club, loving strippers, being soft, holding back PARTYNEXTDOOR for his own success, and much more. Yet, the man continues to top the charts and be loved and defended by his fans. Shoot, even Drake’s Degrassi character Jimmy Brooks couldn’t die after being shot in the back by Rick Murray, and famously became “Wheelchair Jimmy” after dealing with paralysis.

Speaking of Degrassi, forget the beef, because Drake reunited the cast in the “I’m Upset” video, right?!? Eh. This video showed several things. One, Drake and his team are marketing geniuses. Because not only did he release the video, but he put out an Instagram post confirming the upcoming studio album Scorpion shall release on June 29th, 2018. Drake was the butt of all jokes on social media since the feud with the G.O.O.D Music President, and came out of the woodwork to get attention back on his album.

The mostly negative reviews of “I’m Upset” only grew as time passed, and Drake did nothing musically to refute “The Story of Adidon.” So, they came up with a creative, nostalgia-triggering video of a Degrassi high school reunion, bringing back all of the main characters from the show’s long run. Drake’s name alone typically yields millions of streams for his songs, but this video will only serve to bring more attention to the track, and will certainly help Scorpion earn some gold or platinum recognition early on, along with streams from “God's Plan” and “Nice For What” (assuming they are also on the album).

The video, shot by Karena Evans, who also directed the videos for the aforementioned tracks, starts out with Drake waking up in bed next to a woman and getting a phone notification about his high school reunion. As he sneaks out of bed and begins to leave, lights come on and reveal he had a bed in the middle of the Air Canada Centre, the Toronto Raptors basketball arena. I’m sure that wasn’t too hard to make happen, him being their Global Ambassador and all. The Raptors were also embarrassed after being swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the NBA playoffs, so they don’t have much use for the court lately. But just take a second and imagine taking a girl on a date, and instead of bringing her home or to a hotel, you bring her to a basketball arena for the nightcap. Psh, AirBnB’s are so 2017.

Anyways, after a swig of champagne and sly look, the music starts and Drake heads to his stylist to pick up a clean all-black suit. Soon after, what do we have here? Surprise, it’s his longtime Degrassi buddy Gavin “Spinner” Mason coming to meet him. As a lifelong Degrassi fan, this brought a huge smile to my face. They ride together in a yellow and black Ferrari as Drake raps, before arriving at the beloved Degrassi High. And then the video really takes off.

Over twenty actors from Degrassi showed up to the reunion. Twenty! Nostalgia wins most of the time, and Drake played to it perfectly. The video undoubtedly captures all of the drama that characterized Degrassi, with a fight breaking out during the dance, people making out in the bathroom, sex in a classroom, vandalism on lockers, Spinner puking everywhere, a hilarious drug-purchasing scene between headmaster Mr. Archie Simpson and longtime guest actors Jay and Silent Bob, and so much more.

The funniest part might be Degrassi school shooter Rick’s character running through the hallway, similar to how Jimmy Brooks did so many years ago -- only to run into the OVO crew and be chased down.

If only that energy was brought to Pusha T….I digress. Of course, no Degrassi dance ends without controversy, and a fire breaks out, forcing everyone to leave. Drake ends the video with the title of the track donning Degrassi colors, and clips of each character who attended the reunion. These clips were coupled with their scenes from the show and their names, and thankfully so, because honestly, I didn’t recognize a few after so many years have passed, and I know I’m not the only one.

The video was creative, clever, and another indication of Drake finding a way to maintain his reputation despite being on the hot seat. However, it does not save him. It did not relate to the track. We still haven’t gotten any details from him directly about his alleged son. It was reported that he was in fact supporting him, and flew him out to Toronto around Christmas to spend time with him. However, Drake has been mum. Which means one of two things -- either Pusha T is telling the truth, or Drake is waiting it out to address everything on the album. Silence from Drake usually means that he is behind the scenes putting in work, but with accusations like these, it’s a bad look to have nothing to say (besides trying to clarify some alarming photos of him in blackface through an Instagram post). Maybe he has no real response at all….

Frankly, I’m upset -- pun intended. We’re upset. Hand Me The Aux readers know this guy is one of my favorite artists. Drizzy fans have been amazed by his resilience over his career, but this particular beef has been disappointing. A man with an otherwise clean image, he proudly boasted things like “I could never have a kid and be out here still kiddin’ ‘round” in 2017’s “Portland.” Yet, he could potentially be doing just that. There’s no shame in being a father, but when you hide it as he has it appears that he may in fact feel some shame. We need answers. It was rumored Drake had a diss track locked and loaded, but was urged by J Prince not to release it, as it would take the beef to a level it did not need to be and affect people’s livelihoods beyond music. I think the ship has sailed on that, but sure. Or maybe Drake respected his OG Kanye when he tweeted that the beef was done.

The silver lining here is the video was very good and undeniably creative. A great way to save face musically, but not personally. I look forward to getting the answers we all deserve on June 29th. Until then, enjoy the “I’m Upset” video. He really doesn’t look all that upset, so I feel there’s no better ending to this article than a quote from Degrassi’s theme song - “Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through.” Clever, clever.