What's Beef?


The first time I heard Eminem’s ridiculous four minute freestyle gouging our President, I was disappointed that the final words of the video were censored. Though the entire verse is brimming with clever wordplay and poetic criticisms, the blunt final statement resonates with me most: “But we FUCKING HATE TRUMP.”

I have been no stranger to fucking hating Trump. I’ve argued my fair share and even drunkenly shouted at rednecks on a beach about the orange menace. But no matter how many times I shout, the atrocities continue. Sometimes it feels like my anger is misplaced, that I should stop shouting.

Eminem has been no stranger to hatred either, especially concerning politicians. He’s written other politically charged songs like "Mosh", and he even got the attention of the Secret Service by writing a threatening line towards George W Bush. He flirted with political commentary with his 2016 song “Campaign Speech” with a sarcastic allusion to Trump amidst a 7 minute barrage of off-the-wall witticisms; but his new BET freestyle is a different beast entirely.

Just as I was starting to get used to Trump’s daily twitter beefs and fascist legislative agenda, Eminem delivers a targeted message to the President Trump and his supporters.

Eminem’s rage is what makes this video. His fury empowers the viewers. His hatred of that orange fascist inspires courage to resist what’s happening to our country. Eminem, like the NFL players he mentioned, has used his platform to give people a voice who don’t have one. His fury is a product of his concern for the people Trump is hurting. Whether or not Trump is threatening you directly, Eminem’s message is don’t swallow your hatred. Embrace it.

“Fuck walking on eggshells, I came to stomp.”

Get furious when someone supports Trump’s white supremacist ways. Fight with everything that you can to see that this racist, classist, facist agenda is mutilated in the streets. Whatever you do, don’t be complacent with the horrible complications involved with electing this monster. If you ever feel like your anger is misplaced or unreasonable, drown it out with Eminem’s battlecry: “WE FUCKING HATE TRUMP!” P.S. Eminem is the GOAT, don’t @ me.