The DJ Mike Nasty Interview

A sit down with a Southern DJ in the Big City

Mike Nash, also known by his stage name Mike Nasty, is a Memphis, TN native and prominent DJ in New York City. In a matter of 8 years, Mike has earned his stamp as the millenial’s dream disc jockey.

Not only does he DJ, but he’s also a producer well versed in many genres of music. With the infusion of Hip Hop, Old School, Future Bass, House, EDM and R&B, along with various scratch techniques, Mike Nasty is able to diversify his performances to rock crowds with ease.

This DJ isn’t afraid to push creative boundaries within his DJ sets. Any genre is up for grabs when Mike Nasty is behind the DJ booth.

He has worked with the elite artist and brands from Rev Run to Victoria’s Secret. DJ Mike Nasty is the next DJ to blow up.