Pursuit of Happiness

We all will reach a point in life where life hits us with questions that aren’t so easy to answer. Questions like, what is our purpose in this world? Why are things going the way that they are in our lives? Who genuinely cares for us? What can we do to obtain true happiness? Subjects like these aren’t very easy to talk about in person, so a lot of artists express how they feel on these issues in their music, and it is extremely therapeutic for the listeners who are searching for answers to those questions as well. As consumers, we tend to hold these songs dearly because they give you a real glimpse into the artist’s life, and it also makes the larger-than-life artist seem more relatable to us, showing that we are the same. We all may not be able to relate to music about having millions of dollars and driving a different car everyday of the week, but most of us can relate to the introspective thoughts that run through a person’s mind while in an existential crisis. I’ve created a playlist of my favorite songs that fall in this category; I hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do.