Why I’m allowed to like Dreamchasers 4 and still slander Meek

Let me go on the record and say that I was a fan of every Dreamchasers project Meek Mill has released. From “House Party” to “Amen” to “Dope Dealer” and everything in between, he produced some of my favorite songs of the beginning of this decade. Dreams and Nightmares was a great album, and Dreams Worth More Than Money was even better. Meek Mill produced some of the biggest party hits from 2011 onward.

On the flip side, Meek handled his beef with Drake poorly. “Wanna Know” was a terrible diss track. The 4/4’s he put out sucked and had no longevity. How did Meek know exactly when “Summer Sixteen" would be dropping, and what Drake was going to say, yet still not end him? Why does Meek only yell? Why can he only rap about his cars or his Rolex? Why has he not produced a duo album with Nicki yet?

What I just did there was objectively critique Meek Mill as a person and as an artist….which is a thing. You are allowed to like someone while simultaneously disliking certain aspects about them. I don't believe his music has been affected by his immaturity or his emotions over Drake not tweeting his album. His tweets do not take away from the hits and memorable lines he’s given us. To ever discredit Meek Mill’s achievements as an artist over some tweets is irrational.

To finally get to DC4, Meek did a great job. His choice of features was solid. He resorted to the old Meek Mill we know and love-the Meek that was only focused on his Rolex and his cars. I still prefer DC2 over any other DC he’s put out, but I can’t take away what he did here. When he was under a lot of pressure to produce good music and save his reputation, Meek Mill delivered. The most noteworthy tracks for me were “Blue Notes”, “Froze”, “Offended”, “Litty”, and “The Difference”. While four of five of those songs have features, Meek certainly doesn’t sit in the shadows behind any of them.

He matched Lil Uzi Vert’s intensity and energy on “Froze”, and oddly enough, many people believe Nicki Minaj ruined this song. “Offended” was an overwhelming collab with two of the more popular artists of today: Young Thug and 21 Savage. Again, Meek gave us all he had here. It just goes to show that when he’s not fully consumed by beef, he can give us the bangers we’re used to hearing from him. Thug’s chorus is epic, and 21 did what he does best.

“The Difference” is a car ride song for sure. It bumps really hard and Quavo adds a lot of energy.

“Litty” is the only song I’d entertain the argument that a feature outshines Meek. Tory Lanez snapped on this song. The autotune and repetition is both memorable and catchy. I can’t help but mention that Tory is also a rival of Drake’s, so seeing these two produce another great collaboration gives them a little step in taking down Drake’s throne atop the music industry right now.

DC4 did not disappoint. Meek can sit comfortably knowing he is still respected in the music game for the tracks he produces. Let’s just hope he stays off Twitter.