How To Be A Human Being - Glass Animals

Glass Animals, known for their blend of random sounds and electronic xylophone that portrays an almost an eerie feel, dropped their second album How To Be a Human Being in August of this year. The single “Life Itself” drops you into an African safari with its upbeat drum beat, but then turns into a pop dance beat at the chorus while the electronic guitars play throughout. This track shows how much Glass Animals can diversify their sound, giving fans something to look forward to. The album also features “Season 2 Episode 3” that starts with video game-like sounds that transition well into a song about relationships. The combination sounds odd, but it’s just odd enough for Glass Animals to make it work.

How To Be a Human Being illustrates Glass Animals’ ability to experiment with sound with an oddly and creepy combination of instruments with social commentary complementing them. The album features the track “[Premade Sandwiches]” which comments on how much people follow what they think is cool, from drugs to food trends. They write, “people standing in line to nuke themselves with ketamine" and "people standing in line to buy whatever the McFuck they might want to shove down their foodpipes tonight”, and ends with the line “people standing in line and they don’t even know why”. The recorded track is sped up and autotuned to reflect a low voice that reminds me of a kidnapper’s; it throws you off yet grabs your attention immediately.

Overall, for Glass Animals' second album has blown away their fans, even though they have transitioned to more of a mainstream sound from their previous album. I would recommend listening to How To Be a Human Being from start to finish, especially if you haven’t heard of Glass Animals before.