Felt Like Cappin, Track by Track Review

Rating : 2/5

Brother 2Chainz has blessed us with yet another mixtape. Consistent with his previous themes, this 6-track project touches on partying, doing drugs, having sex with women, his wealth and him just being who he is - 2Chainz. 

"Felt Like Cappin"

The project opens up with a singular bass strum beat of the same title. There are even a few lyrical gems:

"I don’t care about the tats on your face
Them bitches cost 15 dollars, I don’t care about the pills that you take,
Them bitches cost 15 dollars."  

Preach it brother 2Chainz. It's an easy listen with it's mellow beat and a nice intro into the mixtape.

"MFN Right"

Blessed with a MikeWillMadeIt beat, 2Chainz delivers a subpar performance alongside generic rap hooks: "I bought some gold chains with my drug money," "Yeah I been a player since the womb nigga."

Overall disappointing, especially since he was told by the great prophet that this was going be everyone's favorite song. He lied. Not to mention that there's no 2Chainz essence on this song. Come on brother 2Chainz, we know you can do better.

"Back On the Bullshyt" (feat. Lil Wayne)

This is by far the most listened to and most popular track on the mixtape. It opens with a trippy beat and 2Chainz comes out blazing. 

"They say we smoke, we gon' smoke
You say we gon' drink ,we gon' drink
You say you want drugs, we want drugs
We don't give a fuck what you think"

Yes brother 2Chainz, this is what we want. Now personally I do not enjoy the song; it's too slow a melody for my taste. However, I can easily picture blasting this down the street in my car.

Lil Wayne's verse is exactly what you'd expect so I won't even touch on that. Press skip when he comes on if you like.

"Not Invited"

The mixtape switches gears, and comes in with a beat reminiscent of church choirs and organs. But do not be fooled, this is quickly juxtaposed with: "All of my hoes is exotic, None of yo hoes invited."

If you enjoy 2Chainz's traditional work, then this is for you; 2Chainz comes out snapping and has many memorable moments. If he had chosen a different beat, than this would've easily been a hit. Yet it's notable to say that the church-like beat could be alluding to a funeral, and he's saying that your hoes are dead to him. But that might be giving brother 2Chainz too much credit.

"Minding My Business"

This abysmal track starts off with the most awkward beat and off-tempo rapping that I have ever heard. This is a Lil B quality track, and I think the rapper is actually being serious. Not only is the beat a mashup of odd sounds - piano, shuffling feet, dj scratches and what sounds like a sample of a horror movie score - 2Chainz's rapping is slow, off-tempo and does not mesh well with the already painful beat choice.

The lyrics are mediocre as well; but it's 2Chainz, we expected nothing less. The entirety of the lyrics are weak, it's not only a line or two. I support experimentation, but there should have been review in producing the final product. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would enjoy this. Avoid this track at all costs.

"This Me, Fuk It"

Changing melodies and flows, this track eases into an interesting beat produced by Timbaland. It consisting of what sounds like a piccolo and random maracas shaking everywhere. It's a different choice of beats, but not unbearable.

After a few listens I found myself adjusting to the sounds alongside 2Chainz's flow. As the title suggests, he doesn't give a fuck. This track is him having fun. It's undoubtedly the most innovative track on the project. I'd never heard this type of beat used successfully, but it's supported by his shockingly solid delivery (although the lyrics remain subpar). You can tell he is comfortable and having a good time.

You won't hear this at the club, but you may find it on a few study playlist. 


Overall it's a short listen (around 20 minutes), and if you're a staunch supporter of his music, then you should check it out. Otherwise, pass.