Kygo - Cloud 9: Review

Kygo is somewhat of a phenomenon. He rose to fame around two years ago as a new Euro artist with his own soul twist on the traditional, tropical house genre of EDM - and he does that twist very well. With hits like "Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell)", "Stay (feat. Maty Noyes)", "Nothing Left (feat. Will Heard)", and "Stole the Show (feat. Parson James)" all within a few years, his debut album Cloud 9 was highly anticipated.

So how does this album hold up? Long story short it’s a great, yet long, intro into Kygo’s music, It's filled with hits and some other features that he has done over the past two years, but it is not the best album overall. Cloud 9 is somewhat incohesive and lacking in diversity of sound.

Kygo does his style very well, but on this long album it becomes overbearing at times. His sounds tend to mesh together into one sound, making only a few stand out. And the stand outs are the ones you'd expect - the ones you've been hearing and already know the words to: "Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell)", "Stole the Show (feat. Parson James)", etc. Overall there is way too much Kygo and after a while the album becomes hard to listen to all at once.

If you are a Kygo fanatic, and love anything he puts out, Cloud 9 is worth a stream but not a buy. It’s almost 90 percent content you already have heard with some forgettable filler in between. Kygo is a talented hitmaker, and nothing I say will ever take that away from him, but this product is disappointing.

Overall 2.5/5