Blank Face LP: Review

Blank Face LP was highly anticipated prior to its official drop. From cover art to a live listening party, and even some hints dropped at features, the people were anxiously waiting. Personally, ScHoolboy Q definitely isn't among my favorite artists, but I was introduced to him during the phase of my life where A$AP Mob was all I listened to, namely the song "Hands On The Wheel". I really wouldn't have known about him without A$AP, and it was his song. He's had a solid career up to this point, although I wouldn't necessarily include him in the list of artists who are among the elites. Blank Face was his opportunity to change that. The album didn't wow me, but it was overall decently constructed, mostly due to his selection of features. Otherwise, ScHoolboy was the same old aggressive lyricist we've come to know.

"Overtime" stands out by featuring Miguel, who has yet to sing a bad hook in my eyes. Justine Skye also adds beautiful vocals. It's funny because ScHoolboy made it public that he initially had no intentions of including Miguel and Skye on the song, but he was forced to. It would've been different without them, and by that I mean a bit worse.

"JoHn Muir" has recently been acknowledged for having been completely freestyled by ScHoolboy. After a few good listens, that became evident. There was really no impeccable wordplay or lyrical content here, but the production shined.

"Neva CHange" is smooth. I like this ScHoolboy, rapping over a more mellow beat and incorporating lots of instruments. It is just further proof that this album was really held up by the production. SZA killed the hook, too.

"Dope Dealer" was exciting to me the moment I heard "Metro Boomin want some mo'!" That always automatically indicates you're about to get a dope beat and likely a dope song. ScHoolboy didn't disappoint; however, hearing E-40 start his verse disappointed me. I honestly cannot name a single good bar I've heard from E-40 as of late. He's a legend in the game and contributed a lot, but I thought it was time for him to hang his jersey up a long time ago and this verse only further proved that to me. I didn't even know he was on the song because he's not listed as a feature.

My overall criticism for Blank Face LP is that the songs drag. ScHoolboy may have two solid verses, and nice features, but then his hooks will kind of repeat at the end. For an R&B singer that's okay, but it doesn't work for rappers. ScHoolboy definitely has room for improvement - I'd like to see him link up with the rest of Black Hippy more frequently. There were rumors of an album from them, which could be a great opportunity for him to shine. Blank Face LP won't be a chart-topper, but it evolved from Oxymoron.