I’ve talked about Future in a few of my past reviews, but I don’t think I’ve fully shared my qualms with him. We all know the year he had in 2015: DS2, Beast Mode, What A Time To Be Alive, 56 Nights. Classics. Still being bumped everywhere today, whether it’s the radio, a function or any themed playlist created by any of the popular music applications geared towards getting lit or pumped. This isn’t being said to state the obvious, that Future peaked in 2015--it’s to express discontent with what came after.

Future opened 2016 with “Low Life (feat. The Weeknd)”. Fire. And he hinted at a mixtape?!? Too bad Purple Reign ended up being a flop besides giving us the beloved “Wicked”. He tried to “Back to Back” us and gave us EVOL. It flopped pretty hard as well, but was a bit better than Purple Reign. He remained relatively inactive after that, providing a few features here and there until June when Project E.T (Esco Terrestrial) dropped. That gave us “100it Racks” and “Too Much Sauce”, and was overall better than EVOL but still nothing special. For some reason Future just couldn’t give us a good complete body of work like he did in 2015.

My belief was that he peaked and got too full of himself. He forgot he had to put thought and effort into his music, in the ever-changing genre of trap music. What he was beloved for in 2015 could’ve lead to his demise last year with the release of Gucci Mane, ascent of Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti and the like. He released “Used To This” with Drake which was definitely among his better songs this year, but we didn’t have that full collection of Future tracks to hold on to.

I approached listening to Future with apprehension. This was an important project for Future for me. Many people predicted he wouldn’t even be relevant this long, and I had slowly started to believe them. Stupid me. Future was and is incredible. I have yet to skip a song. I am impressed by his creating an album of nearly 20 songs, using no features and making each track so individual that it can be set apart. The variations in his flow, the amazing beats and production and the attitude Future has given off reveals he is very much still capable of creating full bodies of work.

My five notable tracks are “Mask Off”, “I’m so Groovy”, “High Demand”, “Feds Did a Sweep” and “Scrape” which seems like Twitter’s favorite song off of the album as well. I would like to repeat the fact that I still have yet to skip a song, and while I of course try not to do so when listening to something I want to review, I haven’t heard a song that I don’t like. That can certainly change as time goes on, but Future really brought his A game here.

I’m almost angry that he plans to release HNDRXX this Friday, as I won’t have enough time for this album to fully marinate and weave its way into the music I listen to daily-especially with Future seeing HNDRXX as “the album he has always wanted to make.” He’s doing “Back To Back” quite literally back-to-back, and he may ended up one upping himself. With rumors of a joint project with Young Thug flying around, Future could be shaping up for his best year yet. Quite the great start with Future.