Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) - Calvin Harris

Scottish DJ/Producer Calvin Harris released "Slide," his highly anticipated first track of the new year, on Feb. 21. Harris brought in Frank Ocean, as well as Quavo and Offset from Migos to feature on this track, which is certainly not lacking in star power.

"Slide" is a song that reaches a wide variety of audiences. The production is euphoric and positive while touching on the not so positive dilemma of wanting to live the life of luxury without actually having the means to do so. The track opens with a slow-moving piano riff by Harris while a very auto-tuned Ocean sings about emptying his bank account and buying that boy with a pipe (a reference to the Pablo Picasso painting below).

The theme of faux-affluence continues into Ocean’s verse with lines like “All this jewelry aint no use when it’s this dark”. Quavo then takes over on the track and the Atlanta born rapper meshes incredibly well with Harris’s pop sound--adding bar after bar about affluence and adlibs similar to what listeners heard on Migos most recent album, Culture.

The final verse on the track comes from fellow Migos member, Offset, who immediately picks up the pace of the song. Offset’s verse represents the other side, of which the Migos are a part, the affluent, the seemingly worry-free. They don’t have to worry about emptying their bank account because they’re got more than enough money to be comfortable. The process of getting to that level is much harder than the resulting payoff of being in the forefront of pop culture. Overall, this track is incredibly relevant and universal which has given it a popular reception. “Slide” will no doubt be on every college spring break playlist for its easy listenability and high profile features.

You can also stream “Slide” by Calvin Harris Ft. Frank Ocean and Migos here: spotify:album:1UIlzhqJLiA3f6OVw7QKn6