Back To the Basics

It’s been a while since we have heard from Rich Homie Quan (RHQ). Ever since the Atlanta rapper dropped the 2015 single “Flex,” Rich Homie Quan has been relatively silent in the rap game. RHQ never gave a specific reason of why he took time off, but many have speculated that his spat with rapper Ralo and his lawsuit against his former label Think It’s A Game Records forced RHQ to step back and analyze his position as an artist. Earlier this year, Motown Records announced they signed Rich Homie Quan to a deal. This may come as a surprise to many since Motown is not usually known for signing hip hop acts; but the executives and Rich Homie Quan must see potential for something beneficial for both parties. Soon after the signing, Rich Homie Quan announced that he planned to release his next project titled Back To the Basics.

A couple of years ago, Rich Homie Quan was one of the hottest artists in the game and was quite frankly the go to feature for hit records. RHQ was arguably a bigger star than Young Thug, Migos, Travis Scott etc a couple of years ago. But ever since he took a step back, each one of those artists have grown vastly while Rich Homie has stayed stationary. Once RHQ announced that he was releasing a new project, it was crucial for him to drop a solid effort or he was going to be on the brink of “irrelevancy”. Ever since Rich Homie Quan came onto the scene, he had his hit but gained popularity by rapping about genuine experiences. The song I felt which propelled him into stardom was “Differences”. In the song, you could feel the struggle in his voice and could relate to it no matter what you were going through. Throughout the years, I feel that Rich Homie Quan strayed away from that sentiment as his popularity grew. So with this project dropping after so much time off, I feel that Rich Homie Quan wanted to make the type of music that kick started his career.

Going into this project, I truly did not know what to expect but I was very pleased when I finished it. The project was solid from start to end. Yes, the songs had flossing elements to it but the majority of the project was the music that made Rich Homie Quan a rap favorite. It seemed that RHQ was not chasing a hit on this project, but just rather focusing on making solid records. The standout tracks were “Heart Cold,” “Back End,” “Word of Mouth,” and “Safe”. Rich Homie Quan lived up to his promise and went “back to the basics.” Not only did he drop a solid project, he also released visuals to 6 tracks and gave fans an in-depth monologue behind these videos. Overall, I would give this project a solid B. I don’t think that Rich Homie Quan has any “hits” on this project, but I think that he delivered quality music that should be a nice beginning to the revamp of his career. Welcome back Rich Homie.

Jeff MillonComment