Big Wild at Terminal West - April 22, 2017

I still vividly remember the night I discovered Big Wild through his collab with TroyBoi, "Decorous." As soon as I started going through his SoundCloud, I was thrown back by the unique music he produces. He does an incredible job of blending several different genres together and making it sound seamless. I saw Big Wild for the first time back in September when he opened for Bassnectar in Atlanta. I thought it was a good set, but there was nothing exceptional about it that stood out to me. Maybe I was just anxious with excitement to see Bassnectar. Although I love his style, his downtempo and sort of tropical sound wasn't exactly what I looking for to get me in the groove for some 808s and heavy bass.

Big Wild headlined last weekend at Terminal West (probably my favorite venue in Atlanta) and damn was I impressed. He's improved a lot in the past seven months, which is something I love to see and certainly a good sign for an up and coming DJ. He came to Atlanta as a part of his spring tour after releasing his EP, Invincible. His set was entirely different than what he performed back in September – he probably played 3 or 4 of the same songs, which is respectable for a relatively new artist who primarily performs original music live. He opened with a new track from his EP called "I Just Wanna" and got the crowd moving fast. The second song he played was "Decorous," the song which first got me into Big Wild, and I started cheesing hard. The rest of his set was full of groove and funk, and he played several songs I had hoped he would play that he didn't perform the first time I saw him.

The one drawback of the show, and this includes other artists as well, was the projection of visuals onto the screens behind him. Using a projector forces a shadow of the DJ onto screen, which negates the point of having visuals in the first place. I would much prefer artists to either have an LCD screen for visuals or no visuals at all – minimal production at a show is just as entertaining, because the crowd can focus on the music and the connections they have with the people around them, rather than focusing on the production of the show.

Big Wild is one of the few solo DJs who uses instruments in addition to a soundboard to provide an entirely different element to live electronic music. He brought with him a touch-sensitive electronic keyboard (to be honest I have no idea what it's called) and an electronic drum set which had a cymbal attached - both of which he had no hesitation to use throughout the set. The use of these instruments created a distinct live sound that's difficult to achieve with a soundboard alone. Big Wild's use of these instruments is also a testament to his production style in blending together several different genres to make a unique sound that not many other DJs can do well. I went into the show just expecting to have a good time with my friends, but by the end of the set I was blown away by how much I enjoyed his show. He still has a few stops left on his tour so if he's coming to a city near you, definitely catch his set.