Partynextdoor Dropped Colours 2, and It’s One of The Best Projects We’ve Heard This Year

Rogers: The OVO signed singer/songwriter released the EP Colours 2 on June 2, 2017 and it’s been the only thing I can listen to lately. In the past, I can say that I’ve neglected my Spotify songs lists by not having PND included because I thought he was attempting (and failing) to emulate The Weeknd. But I can now proudly announce to the world, I am onboard this train.

Armon: I've known PARTYNEXTDOOR had been working on new music for quite some time. What I didn't know is he would drop music like this right as summer rolled around. He combined his slow, in-your-feelings vibes (“Peace of Mind,” “Freak In You,” “Rendezvous”) with his up-tempo, Dancehall-infused flow (“Low Battery”) to give us four powerful tracks this go round. Many people complain that P3 was too long and a lot of the songs were throwaways. It appears he took this into consideration and focused his energy on the quality of each song.

R: Colours 2 is exactly what I’ve been missing since the era of The Trilogy mixtapes. I can’t say that I am upset for the route Tesfaye has taken (more power to you bro), but I haven’t heard an R&B project that I constantly want to listen to since then until now. The EP is a complete project, despite only being 4 tracks long, that immerses the audience in Partynextdoor’s woozy, staggering, and minimalist R&B sound, and provides enough diversification throughout the project, for weeks’ worth of listens.

A: I love that he also allowed up and coming producer G. Ry to truly shine as both he and PND executive produced the EP in just 5 days. Previously, Ry would only get to contribute to a song or two per project for PND and worked with Drake on More Life. This was his moment to flex his producing prowess and I’m sure he’s gotten many calls from other artists since the EP dropped.

R: “Peace Of Mind”, the introductory track, is straight fire. One that will stand out from the others on the EP, but not enough to take away the spotlight from the project as a whole. PND describes his fondness for the girl whom he is in love with, relaying he’d do absolutely anything for this woman. Slightly rapping, while maintaining a light falsetto over a rapid Hi-Hat, snares and 808’s. PND will go to the ends of the Earth, buying her everything she deserves, in exchange for spending time with her - which in turn eases his mind and provides him with bliss.

“Freak In You,” a nudge to the smash hit by Jodeci, “Freek’n You,” is possibly still about the same woman, from “Peace Of Mind”. Yet, PND is addressing her “inner freak” as their relationship has dove deeper into more intimate territories. Although he could still be referencing the woman from “Peace Of Mind”, he later on says in the song “Magic City bumping, but my crib is nicer” and “That spandex might triple my antics”, inferring the woman he is now seducing, could be a worker at a gentlemen’s club. On this track, PND demonstrates his range to be able to jump from lighter-hearted topics, to those consisting of explicit imagery.

A: “Low Battery” is a favorite of many people’s. It’s got an up-tempo, Carribean-pop-EDM hybrid feel. The summer vibes emanating from the song might make you forget that PND is asking his girl about what she’s been doing when she isn’t with him. He tells her his phone battery is low so she needs to answer his questions immediately; however, he reveals in the first verse his phone battery is in fact on 100, indicating the urgency of his questions. He acknowledges he’s not perfect but she could’ve just said something to him instead of stepping out. At this point he just wants closure and recognizes the relationship is over. They were young and in love, and it came to a rough close. Such is life. This will be a hit at parties for sure, while simultaneously leading people straight to their feelings. “Are you tryna hurt my ego?”

“Rendezvous” is a great end to this EP. It’s rumored that this song is a reference to Kylie Jenner, with whom he has history, and her on-and-off relationship with Tyga. This would make the “Girl, I’m older than you, you cannot play me, you a baby” line make sense. The track is slightly awkward for sure but this song is a vibe. Party knows how the game works but he’s looking out for himself here. Regardless of how much she makes and how famous she gets, she will always be the same girl to him. “Nike, Nike, I’m done checkin on you, Three stripes, I got two up on you” a clever reference to her deal with Adidas. I could imagine him saying this in an argument for some reason and it makes me laugh really hard. We see his vulnerability here but we also see him standing up for himself over a slow, simple beat.

R: Colours 2 will for sure have us occupied until Partynextdoor blesses us with more content. In the meantime, listen to this masterpiece right here.

A: Party gave us music to support both sides of us this summer, the savage and the romantic. Is this a sign of more to come? The summer has been where he’s shined and typically dropped the majority of his music. Perhaps the next installment of the P series is coming or he could go in a completely different direction. Last summer he dropped a few singles that ended up not making P3 so only time will tell. As for Colours 2, he also surprised fans with a Soundcloud version of the EP featuring an Intro of him humming for a minute. It definitely sets the mood for the entire project.