Imagine Dragons - Evolve: What Fans Were Waiting For

It had been over two years since Imagine Dragons had released an album. After all the waiting, their fans were rewarded with Evolve, which dropped on June 23. The band, who stay engaged with their fans across multiple social media platforms and had assured something was in the works for at least six months, teased with a few singles leading up to the full release. The band’s first studio album, Night Visions, had launched them to fame. Smoke + Mirrors, their second album, had mostly strayed from the harder sound which flooded Night Visions. Fans didn’t know whether to expect a return to original form or yet another change. In Evolve, fans got a slight return to the harder music they had originally fallen in love with, mixed with a lighter tone to the lyrics.

Best Tracks

  • Walking the Wire
  • Believer
  • Rise Up
  • Thunder

What Evolve Gives Us:

In previous albums from ID, many of the songs had lyrics that elicited feelings of angst and anguish. However, in the songs "Thunder", "Walking the Wire", and "Yesterday", there is a more positive tone throughout the lyrics, something that can be attributed to frontman Dan Reynolds. Reynolds, who writes the lyrics to every song, has battled anxiety and depression in the past, with one severe case of depression stemming from ID’s first world tour. He has also been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a rare inflammatory disease that causes arthritis-like symptoms in the spine and large joints. He is a prominent advocate for. Much of the music from ID’s first two albums falls in line with Reynolds’ personal battles.

With Evolve, Reynolds reflects on his life now, post-depression. The music in the album draws a lot of inspiration from his wife and three children, his band’s road to fame, and the success they have acclaimed. Their lyrics have often been almost poetic in nature; no song has ever been meaningless to the band or their fans. The lyrics of every song in Evolve tell a story that is intended to be related to. Imagine Dragons has such fervent and loving fans because of their ability to consistently relate emotionally to their listeners.

In terms of their sound, ID has always been willing to think outside the box. While the band, at its core, is simply Wayne Sermon on guitar, Ben McKee on bass, Daniel Platzman on drums and Reynolds on vocals, they have shown time and time again how they can incorporate different sounds, electronic and acoustic in particular, into their music to give it tremendous depth. Evolve doubles down on ID’s innovative style to piece together a technologically sound and complete album.

It remains to be seen if ID will release a deluxe album as they did with Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors, but all in all, the band delivered a thorough album that its fans will certainly appreciate and enjoy.

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