Mura Masa's Mura Masa

Mura Masa’s Music Moved Me.

I don’t know if alliteration as a literary device is trendy or not, but the music on Mura Masa’s moody new-age album is audacious, accomplished, and surprisingly accessible. But enough with the weak wordplay.

I will admit, ever since Katy Perry dropped Witness, I’ve had trust issues with pop music. It seemed like she fell victim in Max Martin’s crusade to sabotage any artist that isn’t Taylor Swift. Most of the billboard top 20 hits are weak trap mumblings or caribbean-tinged wave riders.

But Mura Masa’s new self-titled album reinvigorates pop music/EDM with industrial flourishes, punchy percussives, and dynamic assists from a variety of lesser knowns who will no-doubt be the face of pop music in the near future. Mura takes influences from hip-hop, r&b, and pop music and creates his own morphology that’s inventive, lush, and perhaps most importantly, nice to listen to. There’s a track for everyone here - these are the highlights.

For the friend that likes A$AP Rocky, sick drum beats and slick basslines - “Love$ick” (feat. A$AP Rocky)

Young and wavy rockstar A$AP rocky has been hopping on pop ditties lately and it’s wonderful. Progressive production from Masa immediately makes this an immediate standout. Perfect for the get-down or the kick-back.

For the four-chord sophisticate friend like myself - “1 Night” (featuring Charli XCX)

Charli arrives and brings her trademark catchiness to this track, surely making it a staple for your faded aesthetic hotel pillow fight Instagram pics.

For the trendy and fashion-innovator friend - “What If I Go”

Need I say anymore?

For the friend who wondered what Frank Ocean’s “Goodguy” might sound like if he was white and from Normandy - “give me The ground”

Brevity is the soul of this song, but it’s still enough time to be moved. Mura Masa coughs into the mic at the end of the song, and it feels so mother-freaking raw.

For the friend who does splits at the the 2049 discotech - “helpline” (feat. Jamie Tidell)

Jamie Tidell sounds a lot like another JT on this track, but it's hardly imitation. His vocals flutter and slide across this track and it’s the defining feature. The lyrics are anti-material but when I hear this song all I think of is gold. It’s futuristic funk.

Of course there can’t be highlights without one or two low lights, and those are…

For the friend who has everything except for good taste - “All around the world” (feat. Desiigner)

I was almost certain Desiigner had died in a blimp accident after Panda went extinct, but here he is, singing an atrocious chorus over the least imaginative track on the album. It’s not so much bad as it is unnecessary - a cliche beat that’ll feed the hype-beasts. Most likely, it made it on the album because of Desiigner’s name being attached, but I think it’s easily the weakest link. But no doubt, it’ll probably end up being the most popular, so shame on you.

Overall? The album sounds swell. Mura Masa is older than me by seven months and he’s out here subverting the genre, even if it’s just a little. But hear me now - Mura Masa’s Moniker will meet the masses.

And here I am, wincing as write that.