Bebe Rexha: "Expectations" Review

Bebe Rexha: "Expectations" Review

Bebe Rexha's debut album "Expectations" is a certified classic; one the strongest debut albums that I've seen in a while and I cannot wait for more from this popstar.

Bebe Rexha: "Expectations" Review

Bebe Rexha's debut album "Expectations" is a certified classic; one the strongest debut albums that I've seen in a while and I cannot wait for more from this popstar.
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I'm going to try and do something different here by giving my conclusion first:

Bebe Rexha's debut album Expectations is a certified classic. I have not seen a debut this strong since Jess Glynne's album, and I am loving every minute of it. Despite pop's trend to conglomerate everyone into one super-being with one basic sound, Bebe carves out her own niche with a set of diverse hits, ranging from top 40 pop ballads to strong, emotional, powerfully sung and evocative songs like "Pillow." Her background in songwriting definitely shines here as she provides a balanced album that satisfies many levels of a music lover’s mind without sacrificing quality. Overall, I definitely recommend checking out the album and letting me know what you think. I am very excited to see where she goes in her career; I believe that she has the potential to be a pop legend.

So who is this person? Bebe Rexha is a multi-faceted musician who rose to the scene around 2010 as a vocalist for Pete Wentz's experimental band Black Cards. After leaving the project in 2012, and signing to Warner Bros in 2013, she became the writer of many pop hits, such as Selena Gomez's "Like a Champion" and Eminem's "The Monster." After a few years of releasing successful singles, she became a pop sensation, headlined a world tour and racked up hundreds of views on Youtube as a result.

"Expectations" shows Bebe's powerful vocals, strong songwriting skills, and party-girl persona. It opens very strong with "Ferrari," a party-pop ballad that captivates the listener with passionate singing and notes from Bebe talking about the "fast lane," and the lifestyle she leads that's taken a toll on her. This is essentially the theme of album. With songs like "I'm a Mess,” "Self Control," and "Sad,” Bebe expresses that she’s had an amazing life as a popstar, and she's feeling washed and emotional. It resonates with me personally, but even if it doesn't speak to you, the album's great production and amazing vocals from Bebe make up for it.

Surprisingly, since this is a pop album, Bebe has a wide variety in the types of songs here. There are party songs, top 40, country-inspired tracks, and slow piano ballads. There is something for almost everyone in here. The most successful song so far is her old single "Meant To Be," with country duo Florida Georgia Line. Let it be known: while this song has infectious vocals from Bebe, juxtaposed with the country swang from Florida Georgia Line (which admittedly works), this is one of the worst songs on the album (along with the one with Quavo).

The 230+ million plays on Spotify shows how truly phenomenal this album is. The best songs include "Pillow," "Don't Get Any Closer," and "Ferrari” -- where she forgoes the traditional pop route of letting the modern production carry the song, and lets her colourful vocals showcase both her range and passion for the craft. In that area, she truly is able to shine and set herself apart from the pack as a true vocalist. Bebe Rhexa is very talented and I cannot wait to see what she will produce next.

Overall 8.5/10

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