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Cadence Weapon's Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon
Cadence Weapon
big drums, impeccable rhymes
It's an album that is a pleasure to listen to for any real-head who likes impeccable rhymes.
- Holden Adams

*CONCEPT* - A Canadian MC who actually RHYMES, with outstanding flows (sneak dissin’). On his fourth studio album, Cadence Weapon delivers that concept. Cadence Weapon (known offstage as Roland Pemberton) hails from Edmonton, Alberta and has been honing his rhyme craft for more than a decade, and that experience shines through on his self-titled album Cadence Weapon, released earlier this month.

There’s an adage that says “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but Cadence Weapon seems to say “screw that” – his cover art boasts phrases like “PHENOMENAL FLOWS” and “COLOSSAL BEATS” – and delivers. The cover rings true right from the get-go on the first track, as the rapper exhibits his rhyming ability over some colossal drums. Some of my favorite rhymes and flows come in the first verse of the second track “Destination” (featuring Deradoorian):

When some people see my face, all they see is race
Look at me with distaste then they make haste
Black ace, can’t be replaced
When I first hit the frame, I looked out of place
Now I’m back with some new bass
Tryna do some new things in a new space
I write pictures that you can’t trace
To imitate, 4K and a soundstage
You niggas tripping like a suitcase
If you think you can rip it like how I did it
I’m different, you need to switch your position
I’m on a new wave like I played in Eurhythmics
Tryna take sweet dreams, bring ‘em into fruition
Tryna take enemies, put ‘em into submission
If you got equity, we could go into business
We ain’t really gotta speak, I just want you to listen

Listen to a live version for yourself here.

In “My Crew” (my personal favorite track on the album), listeners get Cadence Weapon’s flows over a beat by Kaytranada, the hit-maker from Montreal. As is expected from Kaytanada by now, the beat is banging, and is good for testing subwoofers if you’ve got them. Check out the “My Crew” music video below.

The big bass that is prominent in this track shows up in others as well, namely “Large” and “The Host.”

Here and there throughout Cadence Weapon, the rapper’s method of MC-ing can get a bit dry or dull; his monotone style of speaking and flows that at times feel strict. However, Cadence Weapon’s approach to lyricism, in addition to the creative and booming production, make Cadence Weapon an album that is a pleasure to listen to for any real-head who likes impeccable rhymes.

Listen to Cadence Weapon by Cadence Weapon below.