Daughter's Music From Before the Storm

Get Ready To Get Sad

Music From Before the Storm
Crying in the club

Get hyped to get sad… these were my feelings when I saw Daughter was dropping a new album. Her 2012 EPs are required listening for any sad Indie girl, and her new album remains true to that spirit. Music From Before the Storm is perfect for crying in your car driving, sitting in sad waiting rooms, and more. It’s well done ambiance music that balances moments both soothing and unsettling.

Here’s a list of standout songs: “Burn It Down” is already an anthem for me, it’s rebellious lady rock with some bad girl vibes. “All I Wanted” is delicious angst. “I Can’t Live Here Anymore” is complex, melancholy, and understated.

The album gets a little Björk inspired with lots of wordless vocalizing and soft whispers. But Björk is a legend for a reason, and I don’t think this comparison takes anything from the album’s originality. Like Björk, Daughter balances the challenge of a female voice that is naturally pretty and subverting that to find an edge. I also think that this album has more emotional range, nuance, and compositional variety than we’ve previously heard from Daughter.

Bravo, girl!

So if you’re riding the struggle bus like me right now, put on your headphones and drown out some bullshit with this sweet and sad new album.