Iman Omari - IHY

Iman Omari's IHY

Iman Omari
smooth and soulful
Iman Omari flexes his vocal ability on every track with effortless flow.
- Holden Adams

Iman Omari, the singer/producer out of Los Angeles, CA dropped his latest LP titled IHY on October 24, 2017. Not unlike the rest of his discography, IHY is largely self-produced, with seven of the eleven tracks being at-least co-produced by Omari. In addition to that, IHY was released and promoted through a young label called Vibe Music Collective, of which Iman Omari is a co-founder. The man is on his independent grind, and he along with the help of some of his fellow Vibe Music Collective members deliver a project that backs up its label’s name and is all vibes. But don’t let all this talk of the man’s production and business savvy make you think he can’t sing too…he can. Iman Omari flexes his vocal ability on every track with effortless flow.

The intro track “Beneath You” builds up with a deep, laid back bassline that has a plethora of complementary sounds and cuts. If you could induce sensory overload through just one sense, Omari and co-producer Chris Clark do it with this introductory track. Following that, Omari gets an assist from Anna Wise on “Move Too Fast.” Her smooth verses in between Iman Omari’s equally smooth hook and chorus make for a great vibe.

Then Iman Omari comes with the horns and drums on the third track- “Kama Sutra.” Being a sucker for horns, this track makes me feel some type of way. The vibes continue on “So Real,” with fellow Vibe (Music Collective) member Quelle Chris coming through with mellow, monotone verses that contrast and complement Omari’s ability to sing.

Things transition into more up-tempo beats on “Yes,” which should get listeners moving after coming out of the heavy trance-like vibe induced by the first four songs. On “All for You,” Omari contrasts Javonte’s vocals to build on the already very smooth and mellow album. Listeners get a taste of a different mix with TDE’s SiR coming though on the boards to handle the mixing on “Deep.” The deep fluctuation of SiR’s mixing and Iman Omari’s beat and vocals give this track a very unique and cool sound that really embodies the creativity of IHY as a project.

Iman Omari brings a squad in to deliver seven minutes of love on “Heaven.” Brian Hargrove & Malik Abdul-Rahmaan produced a wonderful instrumental for Omari and his fellow vocalist Jean Grae, Muhsinah, Clark & the Community, and Javonte to go to work on.

From cover to cover, IHY is a pleasure to listen to- starting with the introductory build-up of “Beneath You,” to the final keyboard hits of “Totality.” For 37 minutes, listeners get taken on a wave of unique sounds and smooth vocals that come together beautifully. I look forward to more music from Iman Omari and Vibe Music Collective; I am rooting for the success of each member.

Listen to IHY by Iman Omari below, and hit the link to learn more about his co-founded label Vibe Music Collective.