Iri Watashi EP Review

Japanese singer/songwriter Iri just released a pretty clean 3 song EP Wastashi - Single - all songs written and composed by her - and it has amazing crossover appeal. Switching up styles from an underground electro hip-hop to more clubby-jpop vibe, she brings a unique sound that is sure to captivate the listener. If you don't know who she is here is some background info below:

iri (Iri) Born in 1994. A singer-songwriter living in Zushi-shi, Kanagawa prefecture. While playing with universities in Tokyo, she plays with a self-taught guitar and starts live. In 2014, won the Grand Prix at the audition "JAM" held by the magazine NYLON JAPAN and Sony Music and experienced study abroad in NY. In February 2015, a song titled "Tied Future feat. Iri" that was selected by songwriting & singing will be selected as a theater song of the movie "Terrace House Closing Door" and become a hot topic. In August 2015, CD's first CD will be released only at the live venue. Includes two songs "iris wanted" and "night grooves" that are representative songs for Iri. Although it is an acoustic guitar playing style, it releases genre-less music with a lyric like Hip Hop and a soberful singing voice with a reverberation.

While clearly the lead single, this track is actually the weakest but very fit for radio play. "Hey we got to move ohh ohh ohhhhhhh..." followed by synths is the crux of the single and is sure to be used for sensual clubbing nights. Her vocals are honestly lackluster, but the production covers that up and ensures a really nice club song fit for the radio on late nights.

Blue Hour

The second track follows a similar sound but with significant subtle changes in the production and style. Iri switches up the tone and provides a more jaded nighttime evocation here; it's truly incredibly and has a pretty nice guitar solo after the chorus with a colourful pop-y organ solo near the end. This is definitely my favourite song on the EP. Her hip-hop background shines here as she effortlessly blends many genres together for an amazing finish.

Never End

Continuing the theme of dancing and clubbing, Iri finishes off the EP with a track evocative of the ending of a party or closing of a bar - a sensual comedown. Lyrically short with diverse instrumentals and many piano cameos, she ends the EP with the instruments and humming suddenly ending - signaling the abruptness of something ending that you never wanted to end (pun clearly intended and I know it's bad).

Mad Decent

Overall, a good short listen. Listen to the EP Below on Apple Music (currently not available on spotify in the US) and comment what you think!

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