Who Are We?
We are a startup based out of Atlanta, GA specializing in music content for college age adults. We define culture, what's cool in the music scene, and what good music should be. We write about, share, critique, & create music and music related content. Our writing is elite, our playlists are immaculate, & our members know good music; plus we are diverse! #diversity

The Staff

Nathaniel Johnson
Head/Content Director
I'm an Econ major at UGA. It would take me 62 days, 23 hours and 26 seconds for me to finish my music library. "Hard Knock Life" by Jay Z is my favorite song of all time. And, Gucci Mane's Glo Up is historic and should be written in the national history book.
Duncan Trumble
My names Duncan, I'm an Atlanta native and am currently studying Integrated Marketing Communications at Ole Miss. My Spotify library will take you all the way from Widespread panic, to Ryan Adams, to Migos and anywhere in between. Winner of Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure."
Steven Smith
Yo, I'm Steven Smith and I'm studying finance at the University of Georgia. I am an Atlanta native and my passion for music has grown from the impact my city has had on the industry. The South really does have has something to say. Migos > The Beatles
Rogers Burke
Hey! My name is Rogers and I’m currently a junior studying biology at Georgia State University. My love for music began in the sixth grade when my mom forced me to join band, against my own will. I mainly love Hip/Hop, R&B and funk, but I’m usually open-minded about new music.
Rachel Kelso
My name’s Rachel and I’m a journalism major at the University of Georgia. I’m a Texas native with passions for writing, traveling, and listening to great music. When I’m not listening to my favorite artists, whoever it is at the moment, I’m watching The Office or complaining on Twitter.
Jeff Millon
Head/Playlist Creator
A proud hip-hop head from Atlanta, but New Orleans is my second home. I love music from all regions. I can find something that I like in any artist. My Top 5 Dead or Alive switches every two months. Live life and be happy.
Omari Powell
Web Master/Designer/Writer
I'm just here so I won't get fined. I'm also a computer sceince graduate from Cornell University and ex googler with a love of house music, a staunch hatred of Future and Young Thug and an absolute infatuation with the experience of sauternes wine.
Elen Pease
Web Master/Writer
Hey y'all I'm Elen, I'm studying communications and the music industry at Syracuse University. My favorite song is anything by OutKast (404 represent), and my secret talent is being able to rap Busta Rhymes' entire verse on Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now." I always seem to find myself back in music through discovering new artists, playing around with Logic Pro or acting as an amateur DJ (extremely amateur believe me).
Derrick Johnson
I'm a native of Riverdale, Ga., and I am currently studying biology at Grambling State University. I found my love of music in sixth grade when I started playing the bass. Since then, music has been a constant component in my life. My favorite artists consist of J. Cole, Kanye West and Future.
Ryan Dillard
My name is Ryan Dillard. I'm a graduate of University or Southern California with a degree in Communication. On the side, I dj and host various events such as parties and mixers. I became known as the USC Official DJ because I dj'ed most of the local parties we had whether at frats or at houses. I now do artist and genre based mixes on my Soundcloud.
Anna Hopkins
Psychology major at The University of Georgia and ATL native. If you're ever looking for me at a party you will absolutely find me an inch from the stereo with my phone plugged into the aux cord. I embrace all forms of music but identify as a "trap enthusiast." Music has been the single most influential thing in my life, with writing as a close second. I'm also a singer, songwriter and guitar player.
Armon Sadler
I'm Armon Sadler, a Communication major at Cornell University. Music has been a part of my life from singing solos in the church choir as a youngster up until now, writing reviews for blogs. I like a very wide array of music, ranging from Drake to John Mayer, Future to Yellowcard, and Rihanna to Paramore. If you have issues with Drake, you better have fire arguments prepared for any interaction with me.
Amel Alyamani
Events and promotion
Hey! I'm Amel Alyamani and I study public relations and new media at The University of Georgia. I'm an East Atlanta native with some major love for music. At any given moment you can find me, headphones in, scrolling through SoundCloud or trolling folk on Twitter.Special shout out to FKA Twigs, Majid Jordan, SZA and Days-Before-the-Rodeo Travis Scott.
John Robertson
I'm a History Major at Georgia State University. Proud ATLien. I love all genre's of music but I enjoy Hip-Hop and EDM the most. Happy to sit down and talk about my passion for music with anyone and everyone.
Mandel Jones
Young Scooter's Street Lottery changed my life, Three Six Mafia gets me hype and Drake is poo. Follow my soundcloud and hit my cash app: $heythereyou.
Asif Delawalla
My name is Asif (pronounced ah-sif) and I’m currently living in Seattle, Washington. After being born & raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I attended The University of Georgia for my undergraduate degree. I joined Hand Me The Aux in October of 2016. I love Donald Glover, Frank Ocean, and Gleesh Walkin'.
Nasir Nanjee
A lot of my friends call me Nas but don't expect any bars. Lover of all things rap and EDM. I consider myself a bass head so you can usually catch me listening to something heavy but I appreciate groove and funk just as much. Find me at local ATL trap shows
Tina Banjo
Tina hails from ATL but has paved her way to success at the University of Georgia. Her Finance major and Music Business Certificate qualifies her to handle the big bucks of the most talented artists in the country. With a wide variety of musical interests ranging from Alan Jackson (thanks Martha) to 2 Chainz to Justin Bieber, her playlists will keep you on your toes.
Mara Natale
Fun facts with Mara: Her karaoke song of choice is "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse. She's literally always ready to dance. If she was an animal she'd be an owl (not one of the big majestic ones, the little silly ones). She loves glitter, caffeinated beverages, and all genres of music.
Holden Adams
Yo I'm Holden. I'm located in beautiful Coastal British Columbia, Canada, eh. I am an outdoor adventurer with a passion for good tunes. I identify as a hip - hop head but I'll get down to anything that isn't country music. My favourite artists include Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, and Ab-Soul.
Luke Williams
Jedi Master/Writer
I’m a Los Angeles native that’s currently residing in Massachusetts after riding the winds around the globe. Musically I’ve got playlists starting with Luciano Pavarotti transitioning to Schoolboy Q and ending with some Fiona Apple. Follow me on twitter and instagram @lukesoulo56 if you want more content, insight to my persona, and to laugh with me at my relatively ridiculous life.
Cole Parris
Hey, guys. I'm Cole, and I'm currently an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia. I'm mostly into hip-hop/rap, but my library goes from Ice Cube to St. Vincent to Dizzy Gillespie. On the side, I like to play football, hoop, mess around on instruments, write, and play video games. Peace & happiness.
Michelangelo Harris
Broward County's least likely to glow up. Currently studying Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University, but my interests span across philosophy, food, fashion, and music. Migos, thugger, Big L stan for life. Kanye apologist. Nirvana is my favorite band. Ex straight edge hardcore fanboy.
Hamilton Armit
My name is Hamilton Armit and I am a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Journalism. I hope to someday be involved in magazine journalism or copywriting, whatever way I can be close to music! Some of my favorite bands and artists includes Arcade Fire, Pinegrove, and Helado Negro, to name a few. You can catch me longboarding or just fooling around most weekends.
Broughton Dulin
Hey my name is Broughton Dulin and I am an Atlanta native. Currently a student at the University of Alabama (major: Theatre, minor: Telecommunications & Film). I love exploring new locations taking photos and exploring the local music talent. My music taste varies but I listen to mostly chillwave, funk, and jam bands. I’m always looking for good tunes and good times so don’t be afraid to hit me up.
Kimberly Batcha
Originally from HTX. Went to undergrad at Cornell and DJ'd for the local rock radio station WVBR. Also DJ'd for the University of Houston's Coog Radio. In general, I can be a bit of a music snob but I'm working on that. There's nothing I love more than sharing music with people. Even though I'm from Texas, I hate country but I'm pretty much open to everything else... if it's good.
Jakob Kagel
Bio: Psychology and Sociology double major from the University of Georgia that lives in ATL now. I listen to everything from 21 Savage to Lil Peep. I like projecting my meaningless opinions on the internet for the sake of argument just as much as the next person. Peace!
Michael Akintonwa
Advertising Major at the University of Georgia. I like cake and movies. I listen to everything (including country) but I know most about Pop and Hip Hop. J.Cole is trash. Kanye West is the greatest artist of all time. Fight me.
Mary Dillard
Bio: My name is Mary Dillard. I'm a junior in political science at Armstrong State University. I fell in love with music in my early teens and love everything from Miles Davis to Blink 182. I also love sports and hanging out with friends.
Luz Ovalle
I'm Luz and I can get down to some Earth, Wind, and Fire. I currently attend College of Charleston and am pursuing an Arts Management with a concentration in Music Industry degree. One day, I plan to run my own music venue. I used to make mixed CD’s in high school and pass them out. HMU for one.
Chantel Brooks
Writer/Playlist Connoisseur
I'm a graduate from Clark Atlanta University who currently resides in Atlanta. I love deep house, alternative R&B, and Trap Music, but I listen to a variety of other genres. Music has always been a big part of my life especially on the production side. Kelela, Sango, Kaytranada, Abra, & Sonder are just a few of my favorite artist. You will most likely find me in a Starbucks searching for new music and making playlist.
Jhawn Nelson
My name is Jhawn Nelson. I'm from Union City, GA and I am currently a fourth year journalism major at the University of Georgia. I've been extremely interested in music and sports ever since my childhood years.